gratitude wednesday 8/20

I’m grateful to be up and alive and rested and feeling better. I still get wicked tired at about 9pm in the evenings. Otherwise the lethargy is starting to lift. And my post-caffeine life is starting to feel normal(ish). Certainly more normal than the first three weeks.

Life without caffeine, a true miracle in my life.

I’m grateful that I stepped up and thanked the woman who had been sponsoring me and told her that it isn’t working out for me. Done. That’s twice now that I ended a sponsor/sponsee relationship and actually told the person. Instead of just disappearing. Feels good to be in truth.

altarcloth0393.pngI’m grateful for my time with Stephanie last night, who was kind enough to act as knitting doctor and rescue my half-done altar cloth. I was going to rip it and give up; glad I didn’t—it’s lovely. And now I only have 8.2 repeats of the pattern left to do. It’s so nice I’m thinkin’ it may be a shawl as well as an altar cloth. [It’s a floor wax. No! It’s a dessert topping.]

I’m grateful for my digital life. Hmmm, think I should have a picture of this work; it’s so nice. Wonder if my camera is charged. Oh it is, goodie! Snap pix. Attach camera to computer. Import. Open pix in Pshop. Do a little editing and boom. Up it goes. Love this!

I’m grateful for extended care warranty with Apple and for the authorized repair shop not far from here. Get well soon, laptop!

I’m grateful for self-directing my IRA. Funds need lots of watching these days. Three of mine had tanked badly the last two weeks. Interesting times, interesting times.

I’m grateful for love, the love I keep sending to Rose. From this distance. Letting things be. Letting go.

I am grateful I am blessed I am whole perfect and complete. All is well.

Blessed be.

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