gratitude wednesday january 2nd

It’s a new year and the holidays are over. Sigh. How nice this season was; how nice to be different in the holidays—closer and closer to the woman I want to be 24/7. Looking back, I can see how I lost it about who was inviting me where only one time. That’s an improvement!

I am grateful for the quiet time over the last two weeks. Less phone calls. Ample time to make great headway on clearing out old paperwork (making room for new)—that project is about 70% complete. Ample time to get work done on ongoing projects.

I am grateful for honoring my workout commitment on Monday and for my sister popping in to the Pilates room while I was working out. One of those days when she and I got to be in the Jacuzzi together, chatting and laughing at the gym. And then meeting up at her house for dinner with dad; helping her pick out clothes and winding up having a wonderful sweater gifted to me! It fits me better than it fits her; nice.

Dinner with dad was fine; it is good to see him moving around a little better, looking stronger. And it’s good he has the energy to go out and be in the world.

Nice to see three friends from Foundations class at Kim’s gathering. And then to be home around ten p.m. and in for the night.

I’m grateful for money handled, bills paid.

How lovely to get to speak at an AA meeting the first day of the year. And that Kim met me there. And that she and I spent the afternoon together. We did a new year’s ritual, writing down everything we wanted to banish and burning those papers. Then writing letters to ourselves from God dated 12/31/08, congratulating ourselves for everything we had accomplished in this year. I’m holding her letter and she mine; in twelve months we are going to mail the letters we wrote to each other so we can receive our year-end letters from God.

She and I talked about our transitioning relationship; I am going to start coaching her in two weeks. Exciting!

And she graciously allowed me to do a tarot reading for her; allowing me to practice. I wonder if it will ever be intuitive for me; I want to know everything now and not have to look stuff up! Patience patience patience.

I am blessed I am content and all my needs are met.  Blessed be.

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