Gratitude, Wednesday morning, 6/13

Time for a gratitude list, these words pour forth from my heart.

  • I am grateful for the love and support of the women of the Shero’s Journey who have helped me release shame and fear around asking for help, asking for a donor for a possible fecal transplant. Yes it sounds completely yucky, and yes, if it’s the next right thing to do for the healing of my gut, I will stand tall, head up, tits out, and ask for a donor. (Oh, and if Jen Louden ever offers the Shero’s Journey again, make sure you sign up; it’s a beautiful supportive game-changer.)
  • I am grateful for the (even though I don’t wanna!) willingness to give up all sugar, including fruit (cherries! nectarines! apricots!) for ten days while I take these Chinese herbs.

  • I am grateful for eggs from the chickens that live here, for the newborn chicks and the teenage chicks peeping around, for the profuse growth all over the garden.
  • I am grateful for the gift of a new logo for Magnolias West (to be revealed soon!) from the generous heart of Jeff Ho. I am grateful for faith, helpful when communication breaks down with my beloved daughter. I don’t know what she’s doing, my heart breaks with wanting ease for her, and I hand her up to Spirit over and over again. “Take her. I can’t fix her. I love her. I cherish her. Take her. Guide her way. Protect her.”
  • I am grateful for gratitude practice.
  • I am grateful for simple gratitudes. One of my gratitude challengers wrote: “I have had blinding headaches, but I’m grateful I have a head.” Thanks for that powerful reminder!
  • I am grateful for technology that makes my life and work easy.
  • I am grateful for crafting and making.
  • I am grateful for the decision to move forward on some products and programs for my clients, that are clearly the way I’m being called to do the next phase of my work.
  • I am grateful for inspiration and support.

Love and light, from my heart to yours.  


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