Gratitude whispers — from my heart to yours

I am grateful and I am so happy to share my gratitude with you!

  • First first first, I am so grateful to share Solstice blessings with you! Even though I won’t be able to really see and feel it for a month or more, I’m so relieved — it’s always this way for me — at this turning of the year. Relieved to know the Sun is going to be a little bit higher in the sky every day. Relieved to know that the light will begin to be fuller, and warmer, day by day, moment by moment. Today’s bright warm winter sunshine (I love living in California!) was a lovely harbinger of what’s to come…

    Last week, in my article about the Full Moon and the Solstice, I made some suggestions about ways to sink into and open into this powerful energy. How did it go for you? What questions — and maybe answers — did you receive? Are you journaling your dreams? I want to hear what you got, and what’s continuing to unfold for you. Please share with me in the comments!

And more gratitude…

  • I am so grateful for the simple thread of gratitude that runs through, under, over and around every breath. Even when I’m feeling tired and frustrated by still being sick, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for this day, for each breath, for the gift of this life.
  • PMsootheI am grateful for the compassion and love of others that help me to have compassion and love for myself. I made a Powerful Magic Soother healing salve as a holiday gift, an amazing recipe full of healing herbs, and I didn’t do it perfectly! It liquefies at room temperature instead of remaining solid as I intended it would. Oy! My travails with beeswax this year have been insanely frustrating. So the salve is not perfect, and I’m giving it to my beloveds anyway. May it provide healing, not too much of a mess, and some smiles along the way.
  • I am so grateful for my family and most especially my gorgeous daughter Rose. Last night we all gathered at my sister’s and had belated latkes (not everyone was around during Chanukah) and gifts and family time. Rose played cards with us — the first time she has relaxed from her “I don’t like cards” to join in a family card game. We played May I, my grandma’s nutso progressive rummy game, and had so much fun.
  • I am grateful for a long long visit with my kid. She slept on my couch last night, and we spent a long day together today, going to two farmer’s markets, my favorite yoga class, a really stupid movie, and errands together. Unprecedented; we haven’t spent that much time alone together in years, and it was just lovely. It’s really hard to tell you just how big this is, Rose and I had a very very very tough time together — for years — and the level of healing is so big, it convinces me that absolutely every challenged and challenging relationship can be healed, and that is something I am so glad to know, share and teach.

Tell me, beautiful you, what are you grateful for, in this now moment? Please talk to me in the comments!


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  1. Hi Sue,   I am grateful that I got to know you this year.   You are amazing.   

    I am also grateful for each moment that I have another experience — to marvel at the wonders of the universe.   Life is amazing. 

  2. I am deeply grateful for this new life. I am grateful to be alive, though just over two years ago, I came close to taking this opportunity away from myself.

    I am so grateful for the chance to be reborn, to see myself and other people in the beautiful light that we’re meant to shine, and to help others who are as troubled as I once was.

    I am so grateful for words, for laughter, and for my voice. I’m grateful for love, for trees, and for friends like you.


    • You sound truly blessed! That attitude of gratitude is refreshing!

                                                                              ~ Samuel

  3. Sue I am so grateful we met this year, I am so grateful for your comment on my blog and I am grateful that my words and images bring you healing energy. I am grateful for my life, for my creativity, for my healing powers, for the love I know I am , for paradise where I live and I am grateful for this post as tonight i will restart my daily gratitude journaling before i go to sleep ♡♡♡

    • Suzie, I have so much appreciation for you! I too am grateful we met, and that we’re connected. May you ease into the new year with spacious health and so much love!

      Blessings and love,

  4. Hi Sue!! I am so grateful for this wonderful journey through life! Every day is a new miracle! I can look back on this year with so much wonder and gratitude for the path that has seemingly opened up for me!

    And yes, I did the solstice ritual you suggested in your previous blog and my word for the coming year is grace! I have written a blog about it, as grace is not an easy word to define.

    • Joy! I just read and commented on your lovely grace-filled blogpost! Thanks so much for letting me know, and what a beautiful theme for ’14!

      Much love to you,

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