Gratitudes Monday morning 5/9

I am so grateful today!

Sunny, cold morning (what is up with this weather? so weird…).

I celebrated Mother’s Day early with Rose. On Friday, we met in the middle—at the Nut Tree shopping center in Vacaville. I found a really good Mexican Restaurant via Yelp, Villa Corona. I had something new: Machaca de Carnitas (scrambled eggs with pork). Yum! Really really good. My daughter treated me to lunch. And I treated her to an ice cream and side-by-side pedicures. What a lovely day.

To those raised eyebrows (“a mother treating a daughter on Mother’s Day?”) I answer with nothing but delight and gratitude. As I told Rose, she is that which brings me the gift of motherhood and I am so grateful and lucky and happy to celebrate her. Just sayin’…

I got to priestess at our Beltane ritual on Saturday night. And be the altarist. I strolled the courtyard here and picked a giant basket of flowers. Unbelievable bounty. Enough for the center altar and the four directional altars as well.

And my sister Rowan brought her garlands of silk flowers as well. So much beauty!

I am grateful for circling with such beautiful women.

I am grateful for all the time in the garden this weekend. I’m eating greens from the garden. I planted pattypan squash seeds and have more starts in the house. I ate radishes from the garden this weekend. And the snap peas are coming! Woohoo!

And I’m grateful to have signed up another friend who wants to youthify his skin and appearance. These NuSkin products are working so well for me!

Gratitude rocks. I’m a happy woman. I have no complaints! How cool is that.

Blessings, blessings, blessings…


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