gratituesday 10/28

The moon is new in Scorpio today; the sun and moon conjunct in Scorpio. Can you feel it? Pluto is on its way back to Capricorn after a few months retrograde in Sagittarius. Once Pluto lands up in Capricorn around Thanksgiving, it will stay there until 2024. A cultural shift from Pluto’s influence (renewal and destruction both) over ideology and religion (Sagittarius) to government and business—and integrity, discipline and caution (Capricorn). Pluto has already started to and will continue to shake, rattle and roll in these areas. What’s not on a solid foundation—personally and collectively—will fall.

It’s the Scorpio season, the season of my birth sign. Pluto rules Scorpio. This is the annual time for watching what no longer works being torn down from within or without. Like the leaves falling from the trees, decomposing and releasing their nutrients for next year’s new growth, this is nature’s way to periodically strip us down to our essence. This is a the way to new breakthroughs, this is how we get to new levels of empowerment and awareness.

Whatever falls apart now was unsustainable.

I am grateful and blessed.

I have my car back. Finally. $900+ later. Blessed be.

I got to a meeting and spoke to my sponsor.

I took the night off and was quiet.

I went to bed early and slept well.

I am getting excited about Hawai’i.

I ate well and moderately.

I am grateful.

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