gratituesday 10/7

First Tuesday in October. Quarter moon waxing. Even though Mercury is still retrograde, for another week, and things internal are still brewing and bubbling, the waxing moon is a time of gathering. Gathering information, supplies and materials for a project, gathering your energies, building your plans and ideas, getting ready for a period of release and fruition that comes with next week’s full moon combined with Mercury finally turning direct.

I expect the two weeks while Mercury retraces its path back the point where it turned retrograde (it’s shadow) to be a time where we get to revisit old issues and complete them if we so choose.

Says a lot about what’s been going on for me. And the jolt from above (my description of my car/overhead gate incident Sunday night), causing some changed plans and some unexpected down time due to pain. Hmmm, slow down? Quiet down? Okay no problem! (That’s a joke. I am so much more comfortable doing than being. As my loved ones well know.)

I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful I am not worse hurt. That I am not crippled or brain injured or hospitalized. I could call these aches and pains and car issues luxury problems. I could. I could call myself lucky. And I could trust in the process and in the spirit to which I devote my life.

Think I will. Blessed be.

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