gratiTuesday 1/11

1/11/11—All ones

The number of unity.

I’m taking a moment to sit in that unity and to give thanks for the knowing that we are all, everything and everyone, made of the same magical mystical stuff. That we are all one.

I am so grateful!

  • I slept lying down last night. After two nights of little sleep, and only catching some Zs by sitting upright because I couldn’t breathe lying down, I feel like a new woman!!

Yesterday’s healing stew:

A powerful acupuncture treatment
Dr. Kang’s Open Bronchi formula
Walgreen’s cold/flu nighttime caps
Julie’s salve for my over-blown nose

  • About the acupuncture: I am awash in gratitude that Chris Randle, my acupuncturist, is really listening. I am in fragile health, and the annual winter manifestation of deficient lung chi—bronchial infections, pneumonia, and other assorted long-lasting hard-to-kick respiratory impairments—has been going on too long. My intention is that this can be turned around, and I am happy to take it on. I get so exhausted by this! I confessed to Chris yesterday that I cough when I sing, year-round. This is something I’ve been worried about for a while and have never told anyone.
  • I’m grateful for willingness. To focus on breathing, to expanding my diaphragm and filling the bottom of my poor compromised lungs, instead of just breathing shallowly, instead of just not singing. I mean really. Even though I don’t sing well, I do love to sing in groups, or to sing along with songs that I love, and I hate that I end up coughing whenever I sing with gusto. Enough already! Healing is in the house!
  • I am so grateful for my sister buying hot and sour soup and citrus juice for me.
  • I am grateful for my friends sending love and checking up on me.
  • I am grateful for my work teammates going so easy on me.
  • And for my clients’ love and toleration of my cryptkeeper voice.
  • I am grateful that it’s nearly mid-January and that the light is returning.

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  1. Hey honey, did I ever tell you about the breathing apparatus I bought that helps increase airflow??? Call and I’ll show/ tell

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