gratituesday 1/13

It’s Tuesday morning, I’m listening to comedy radio, I’m smiling, the weather’s warm, the sun’s rays are falling across my face, I’m wearing my new orange-red silk boxers, I took out my paints and brushes last night and painted a shadow box—I’m doing art again!

I went to two meetings yesterday. I went to DA and talked about letting go of eighteen years of uninterrupted solvency and being a beginner again. How did this happen? Did I rack up a bunch of credit-card debt? Nope. I went to hula practice with no money and my hula sisters had to pay my share of the practice fee. Enough is enough. I get to be a beginner. It’s kinda cool.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon; the fatigue was intense. And fell asleep last night really fast and hard…couldn’t even finish the page I was reading. I am grateful that I have faith that my health will improve improve improve.

Life is lovely and I am blessed.

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  1. And when will I get to see some of this art you are creating again? Very interested. By the way, this tea that you gifted me is probably the best I’ve tasted IN MY LIFE!!!! Seriously, it’s so good and I’m heating up the water constantly to make another cuppa. Thank you so much for this.

    ps-I have faith that my health will improve also. I have plans to dance dance dance when the time comes!

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