gratituesday 11/4

I am up and awake and I’m sipping my herbal tea mixture and I’m at peace.

I love stepping into my grat space every morning. A great way to start the day.

Today I’m grateful for sunshine this morning after so much gray the last few days.

I’m grateful for the fact that it cleared long enough on Sunday for my party to be under mostly sunny skies too.

I’m grateful for scheduling my life and living my schedule. Makes me productive; adds to the ease and grace of my moments.

I’m grateful that I am committed to a low-stress pre-vacation week. The only thing that tipped me into stress yesterday was the weird computer problems I was having. … I just spent ten minutes crawling around in the forest of cables and I may have figured out what was going wrong. The USB hub that was messing up was connected to a brown extension cord. I have now plugged it in to a power strip and took the cord out of the scheme. Seems to be working just fine at the moment (she said, staring frequently at the little yellow light on the Wacom tablet).


They’re just machines. I know, I know.

I’m grateful for my chiropractor, and for healing. I’m grateful to be as fit and healthy as I am. Such a gift.

I’m grateful that my house is clean clean clean! That my housekeeper was able to change my day and clean up after the party.

I’m grateful for hula. I went on Monday instead of Thursday this week because I may feel like I have to do packing stuff on Thursday. Monday’s class is smaller; it was nice to be in a small group and see faces I don’t usually see.

I’m grateful grateful grateful. For life. For love. For friends. For smiles. For kindness given and received. Blessed be.

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