gratituesday 1/15

Gratitude on a foggy cold morning. I’m grateful for this life. For this day. For this moment. For warm beds in winter. For wool socks. For SmartWool socks, to be precise. For finding a black skinny doormat that fits under my door and protects my blond bamboo floors from wet shoes. For getting involved in ritual planning, which is an immediate wonderful gift of the priestess training. For preparing balls of yarn for a web ritual. For being involved and generous. I’m grateful for tolerance, a very new quality for me. I can sit through a meeting with lots of cross talk and not roll my eyes. I am a different woman. I am grateful for working out at the gym. I am so grateful for how easy it is to park my car these days. I am a powerful manifestation machine. A the clear determined vision of parking spaces (yes plural) works every time. In this vision there is no failure. I now apply this determined visioning to success health love joy and happiness. Of course I will get the contract with Oakland. Of course I am and continue to be in financial abundance with my needs amply met. Of course of course of course. I can see it.  I am grateful for service given in DA. For bills paid and handled. I am a grateful woman.

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