gratituesday 1/20

Inauguration day. Nice to feel inspired, awestruck. And hopeful.

And ecstatic that as of an hour or so from now, George W will no longer be the president! Whoopdedoo!

Just sayin’.

I am grateful to be alive to see this, to be part of this happening.

I am grateful for another beautiful balmy day yesterday. I know I know I know we need rain; I can’t help enjoying the warm sunshine.

I’m grateful for new work and being busy.

I’m grateful for my partnership with Dustin and for the websites we work on together.

I’m grateful for integrity and willingness. Even when it’s uncomfortable, I am up for speaking the truth and holding a high bar for what’s possible. My Monday AA meeting has some weird power-trippy stuff going on (well there’s a surprise—in a room full of drunks) and I’m going to call for a business meeting so we can air some of this stuff out. Why not?

I’m grateful for getting to the gym and working this body, enhancing strength and fitness.

I’m grateful for the Bob Dylan radio show every week. Last night’s theme was Nothing. And he started off playing the Fug’s “Nothing.” I hadn’t heard that song in — what — thirty years! And all the songs were Nothing-themed. I absolutely love listening to Dylan as a DJ. He riffed on Scrabble and Q words without the following U. Bob Dylan is a Scrabble player! How cool is that!

And then last night we had our first Skills Workshop last night at the Sacred Well. We played with energy exchanges. I got to partner with Kismet on feeling each other’s psychic shields. I really could feel hers (zappy current about two inches from her body) and she said she could feel mine. We also passed energy and stone orbs—physical and energetic—around the circle and with a partner. So much fun.

I am so glad that I gave my herbal tea blend as gifts this year. People loved it. Kizzie is such a fan, she asked for a refill of her tin when she runs out. How nice. I am happy to oblige.

Life is good and I am blessed and I share that blessing with all.

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