gratituesday 12/18

I’m grateful to be healing, to be recuperating, to know that this too shall pass. I slept better last night and for this I am grateful.

I’m grateful to be able and willing to cut my schedule down as much as possible and to rest

I’m grateful that I know that I don’t really know how to rest and to be willing to call a friend and ask how. His reply: get on the couch and watch a movie. I did!

I’m grateful for my acupuncturist. I’m grateful I headed over there yesterday and got a treatment and herbs. The goal being that intervention now will speed this thing up and I won’t be sick for as long as last time, which was two weeks.

I’m grateful that I can hold powerful healing intentions instead of despair and resignation. Grateful to be a trained and committed positive person.

I’m grateful for getting bills paid and numbers entered yesterday. Laundry done. Groceries and water bought. I did a lot!

I’m grateful for hearing that dad has accepted not getting his car back. I’m grateful for how well my sister and Allen handled the conversation with dad. I’m grateful that my dad is still around and still feisty and when push comes to shove, willing to accept what’s up. Phew. I’m relieved he won’t be driving.

I’m grateful for loving concern from friends. And for asking my spiritual sisters for their energy and prayers.

I’m grateful to be grateful. That I’m alive, healthy, fit, strong, willing and committed to living an abundant transformed life.

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