gratituesday 1/22

I am grateful to be feeling better. On the mend. I am grateful to be getting my voice back. On the way. I am grateful to be able to sleep. I am grateful to be coughing less. I am grateful to hold a vision of health, crystal-clear lovely beautiful health.

I am grateful for holding a strong commitment to walk my talk. When people do thing that disappoint me, when my feelings get hurt, when I get upset, I declare myself free from the chains of my misery and bitterness. I pray for my tender self and I pray for nothing but the best for those I resent. There is nothing else to do.

I am so grateful for how it goes with my darling daughter. She has decided to take 12 credits this term after all and has done it all herself, the registration and coordination. She is handling herself so well. I am pleased. Thrilled. And grateful.

Blessed be.

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