gratituesday 12/23

I have been having crazy vivid active dreams the last week or so…what’s going on in the dark of this moon? Dreams of being a new lawyer, working in a boiler room (with cots!)—lots of stress. That’s the only dream that I can remember. There was another one this morning, woke up adrenalized.

Maybe that’s because of the adventure I had last night as I was going to sleep. I flung pillows out of my way so hard that they knocked the far-side bedside lamp over and when I examined it in the dark I thought I saw a broken compact fluorescent bulb. Up and over to internet. To find the instructions for the toxic cleanup of spilled mercury. Back to the bedroom to open a window to air out the room (per instrux). Brrrr. Ten minutes later I finally turned the light on in the room to begin cleanup and found that the bulb had in fact survived the fall. Phew! Closed the window, threw away the broken shade, reset the alarm for an hour later and finally got to bed.

The funny things I notice about myself in this are 1) not turning the light on until after the room had chilled down, until fifteen minutes after the lamp got knocked over; and 2) I just move the mass of pillows over on my bed; I am not one who neatly puts them on the floor at night and returns them in the morning.

I’m grateful to be able to see myself as funny and not pathetic. Or maybe just a little pathetic. Certainly not shame-worthy. Uh-uh, not that. Pretty funny, though.

I took myself to the movies yesterday afternoon! Decided I wanted to see Rachel Getting Married  before it leaves theaters this week and I did. I agree that it was a good depiction of the family of an addict. And I thought that Anne Hathaway and the woman who played her sister Rachel and Debra Winger were really good. Riveting. Debra Winger is beautiful!

In the TV desert of the holiday season, I found the third season of Friday Night Lights online. Watching free, I only get something like 75 minutes and then it shuts down for an hour. Tedious, but manageable. I watched the first two episodes. Something new: watching tv online on my laptop while prepping veggies for roasting.

I’m grateful for my oldtimers’ AA meeting.

And for the new project that came in this weekend.

Life is good.

I am blessed.

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  1. I have a shamefull little secret. I want to return to high school and create my own little form of magic with Tim Riggins.
    Can’t help it. I’m a straight female with some hormones still firing pistons. lol

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