gratituesday 2/10

rose magnoliasIt’s Rosie’s 22nd birthday! My daughter is 22 years old today. The world was blessed on the day of her birth. As was I.

We had our annual walk and photo shoot with the magnolias on Saturday. We haven’t found an easy place to shoot since I moved to the Bay Area. We sue magnoliaswent—again—to the San Francisco Botanic Garden, where most of the blooms were way over our heads. Luckily we found a few beautiful blooms to use as our subjects.

How lucky I am for this tradition. For some years it was forced and a struggle. No more. Feels like we have equal buy-in to this.

I will say that I am shocked and appalled by the look of my neck. Ugh. Photography in bright sunshine. Yes, I cropped it out of what you can see here.

We had a beautiful walk through the gardens, and then took ourselves (my treat) to the Academy of Sciences. That place rocks!

altar-cloth.pngI am finally finished with my altar cloth! My instinctive measuring worked a treat! It fits the width of my dresser top just right, and the length is really good too. And I never measured.

It’s tricky. Anything with little legs wobbles, as it’s bumpy lace. I have little lamb and calf figures on my altar in honor of Imbolc and I had to put their legs in lace holes for them to stand up.

I’m glad I completed it. It’s going to be my last knitting project for a while. I’m giving my right wrist and forearm a break. I’m thinking of giving away all my yarn so I don’t tempt myself.

I’ve been sewing. Appliqué by hand. Can’t show my work yet, as I’ve been creating gifts. I will post those as they’re ready.

Been spending time with CAYA folks, at the Oracles of the Living Tarot rehearsal and at the Clergy and Comportment meeting. My peeps. My community.

And I had Shari’s company for dinner and a movie Saturday. A beautiful weekend full of loving cherished family. Blessed be.

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