gratituesday 2/12

It’s Tuesday morning and there are buds on the tree outside my window. February 12th in California and trees are leafing. I love that!

I’m so grateful to be gifting myself with a series of bio-geometric integration chiropractic treatment. It felt so good yesterday!

I am grateful for my work and for my clients and co-workers.

I am grateful to declare that all is well that new work is manifesting for me already, even before I asked. That great new projects are on their way to me now. I know that in this beautiful loving universe all that I need is already mine. I am whole perfect and complete. I have nothing to fear and nothing to regret and nothing from which I need to run away. I know that divine spirit is everywhere in everything and that all that happens in this lovely universe is perfect as it is. And that this divine perfection is in me, in my business, in my bank accounts, in my health, in my loving relationships, in my fitness and flexibility. I am so grateful to know this. And I know that there is nothing to fear, the work and money that I desire is already mine, is coming to me now. I release this knowing into the perfect law of this perfect universe and I let go and let divine spirit handle the delivery system. I am blessed I am blessed I am blessed. And so it is.


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  1. It feels great to get current with your gratitudes. Your life is a great interest of mine, as well as an experienced example. Thank you for sharing it.

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