gratituesday 2/17

It’s Tuesday, the Tuesday after Pantheacon, and mundane life is back, with a thrumming undercurrent of lots of wonderful pagan energy.

I was blessed with community, meeting new and fascinating people, lots of spectacle, drumming, dancing, attending ritual and participating in ritual. And shopping. I am the proud owner of two circlet crowns. One silver and one silver, bronze and onyx. And will soon be the owner of a made-to-order conductor-style wand of purpleheart wood with a dark amber tip.

I lusted after many handmade exquisite things, like a handcarved mermaid made from cherry amber. Beyond exquisite. And handmade goddess dolls. And vintage-fabric witch hats. I love artists and the things they make.

I did attend the yoni portrait workshop and now have a yoni in flames hanging over my bed. Woohoo!

I am grateful to spend time with my daughter on Sunday, celebrating her birthday. Lunch at Red Tomatoes, lots of chat. Got to talk to her about this phase of her life, what to expect ramping up to her Saturn return in a few years. Felt very little urge to tell her what to do. How liberating!

We even talked about the end of her medical insurance. And she was able to listen and talk sans anger. So much letting go! I am glad we have survived to this point.

Blessed be.

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