gratituesday 2/24

A lovely lovely moment occurred yesterday. Saw that Rose had called and called her back. She told me that she’s going to Western Career College today to check into their veterinary assistant program. She said that what I said to her last week when we celebrated her b’day motivated her to do something, to move forward.

I had to think…what did I say? Then I remembered. I asked her, over lunch, if it was okay for me to say a few things about this upcoming phase of her life. After a moment’s hesitation she said okay.

I told her that the next few years, up to her first Saturn return at about age 28, is the time to explore and take risks, looking and listening for her path and how she is meant to contribute to her community and what work she is meant to do.

This was a radical departure for me: encouraging Rose to follow her star instead of telling her where and how I think she should be going. It was a big letting go for me and I was happy that she warmed to the subject talking about some things that call to her.

Double happy surprise that she is now motivated to take action. My critical judgment aside about WCC and student loans and all that—Rose is in forward motion and that is a beautiful thing!

I am very very grateful for this.

Blessed be!

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