gratituesday 2/5

I am grateful today for this wonderful sunny morning. Not so cold. How funny that when it’s under 55° I’m suffering. My body has acclimated. And how lucky am I that I’m not dealing with the frigid cold in NYC.

I’m grateful for my at-home vacation. Although I couldn’t really tell by yesterday. I worked really really hard. I also took a nap. And did some artwork. How nice. Collecting images for my ’08 treasure map.

I’m grateful that Rose has arranged to spend her birthday with me and the rest of the family.  Twenty-one! Wowowowowow.

I’m grateful that she called and asked me for my input about voting today in the primary.

I’m grateful I tried to get info on voting; seems like I screwed up by not getting my change of address in to the elections people. I get to watch and declare best results for me and my fellow citizens in today’s primary. Blessed be.

I’m stoked that my client’s website launched yesterday; it’s beautiful!—

I’m grateful for generosity and that it’s easier and easier for me to be generous.

I’m grateful for gratitude practice. For positive prayer. For intention and declaration. All is already well. And so it is.

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