GratiTuesday 3/1/11

Wow. Today is a big deal day for me.

I am grateful that today marks 20 years of being clean and sober. 7,305 days in a row of living a sober life.

They told me when I got clean that I only had to do two things. 1) not get loaded. 2) change everything.

And I am fundamentally cellularly amazingly changed. Still a work in progress, but so so changed.

I am a woman worth knowing.

I am a useful woman.

I am generous.

I am kind.

I am of service.

I can say I don’t know.

I participate in conversations that last longer than the time that they are about me.

I let others know that I appreciate them; I tell them about the impact they make in my life.

I have a legacy; I will be missed.

I have friends.

I have an amazing relationship with my daughter (pictured in this year’s version of our photo session in the magnolias); we like each other.

I have an equally lovely relationship with my sister.

It is safe to say that none of those statements above would have been true—or even have occurred to me as worthy goals—twenty years ago.

I’m just sayin’…

I am wildly giddily solidly groundedly grateful for this day, this moment, this life.

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