gratituesday 3/17

blooming succulentIt’s a good morning. Gray and wet and spring is coming. I’ve got a succulent in my collection that I’ve been growing for nearly 15 years that’s flowering for the first time. It has—as succulent flowers often do—a center stalk with a collection of buds at the end. I’ve been watching that stalk for weeks now; it’s reached about eight inches in height and shows no sign of stopping growing before it flowers. I’ve seen aloe flowers reach over two feet in height before they open up with red blossoms—tall banners to attract the birds and bees. I’m guessing this unnamed plant of mine has got a ways to go—I can’t even see the color of the flowers yet (usually red or yellow, sometimes white).

This year my little geometric succulents did not give their occasional show of lavender blossoms. Too bad. They are my very favorites. If I can find any pix of them in bloom, I’ll post one.

I’m very grateful for hula. We are learning a very difficult kneeling hula with ili’ili in our hands. Ili’ili: river stones, so we can make clicking sounds like castanets. Clicking sounds as we are rising on our knees and rotating our hands around while simultaneously making rhythmic clicks. I dropped a stone at least three times. I think my stones are too small—I’m stickin’ to that story! My kumu (hula teacher) took pity on me and will bring me some other stones next week.

I love this new hula. It’s about Pele and Hi’iaka. Pele is the goddess to whom I’ve dedicated and Hi’iaka is the goddess with whom I’m working this year. It’s rhythmic and beautiful and difficult. Right up my alley.

I’m grateful for deciding to take Thursday off for ordination. It’s really where all my energy lies this week and I embrace that. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and I am present for it.

I’ve become a Twitter convert; hoping it will increase my network and be a helpful avenue to create more business. We’ll see.

I was moved to tears by Victoria’s post this morning and want to share it here.

Blessed be!

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