GratiTuesday 4/13

I just raised up my eyes and saw that my three print calendars (yes I love calendar art!) are still showing March. I usually correct that before we hit double digits and look it’s the 13th. I will fix that today!

I have one calendar of scenes of Provence (of course), one of beautiful women that benefited a women’s health clinic, and one my friends created of a different set of beautiful women knitters—pictured).

I am grateful for so much. Taxes are filed (early). I’m getting a chunk of money back (the bonus for a really low-revenue year). I am healthy. I got a wonderful dose of healing energy in a Reiki session last night and I feel great! I am rested. I am planning a small trip to SoCal with my sisters. I have greens growing in the garden. I get to meet miss Sophie Grace this weekend. I get to hang with another baby, Jackson, this weekend. My life is rich juicy and wonderful. My/our art show is two months away and excitement is building! I feel quite blessed.

Tell me what moves you to gratitude today…

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  1. I’m thankful for the breath of spring tickling the green things to life in between lingering snow storms. I’m thankful for friends who live out an example of welcoming good things, and remind me that I have the same power. I’m thankful for synchronicity leading me to interesting places and exactly the experiences I need to learn from. I’m thankful for a patient Universe. Life is astounding!

  2. Nice, Faye! Love your choice of words!

    capable of overwhelming with amazement; stunningly surprising.

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