gratituesday 4/16

It’s my sister’s birthday and I just sent her a birthday greeting. I’m grateful for the rhythm of milestones that live in my brain.

I’m grateful for blogging my grats in the morning.

I’m grateful to have lots of work, paying work.

I’m grateful that I get to be a presenter tonight at a networking event. Visibility. Community.

My developer friend is a happy man; his wife is pregnant. Glad to hear about and share his joy.

I’m grateful I found my drivers license in the laundry. Phew.

I am so grateful that a potential client told me that she got excused from jury duty when she told the court that she was self-employed with no employees. I ended the call with her and picked up the phone and called the court. One conversation. One form filled out. One fax. I am excused from reporting. I told the truth, asked for help and got helped! Woohoo!

I am now firmly committed to go to traffic court with my $381 red-light camera ticket and plead no contest, apologize and ask for a reduction in the fine. Nothing to lose.

My taxes are mailed. I had enough money to do so. Ample funds.

I have a kitchen full of locally grown organic avocados, artichokes and asparagus. I love the season of the A veggies.

I went to a DA meeting last night; it’s been a while. Glad to have walked in and stayed even though it was a group inventory process. Good for my patience and toleration.

I am blessed. Life is good. All is well.

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