gratituesday 4/27

I am so grateful for Google Translate! I have put entire emails and sections of websites into it and gotten decent enough translations that allow me to communicate with my French correspondents. I now have had conversations with 69 (count ’em 69!) b&b’s and inns in the Luberon in Provence, trying to find the right and perfect place to lay my head for 8 nights at the end of September. 35 are still in the running. I actually made an Excel spreadsheet for the first time in my life. I simply couldn’t keep track of the email threads.

Such a useful tool, this Excel. I’m a late late late adopter and am beginning to just love it! Wish I knew more…Good thing I’m a lifelong learner.

I’m grateful for the luxury of planning this trip. I’m learning so much, kinda like having a European vacation before my vacation. Studying maps, reading guidebooks, dusting off my French, having exciting conversations with inn owners and hoteliers far far away. It’s so cool, I email late at night (9 hour time difference) and wake up to a bunch of replies every day.

I’m grateful for all the exciting stuff going on in my life. Resumed my astrology studies with AstroBarry. Confessed my conviction that I have no chops for this, that the best I can do is synthesize other people’s knowledge (just a hack, no talent). I now step away from this disempowering idea and am starting to spread my little astro wings. I am learning! Nice to realize that.

I’m grateful for all the projects into which I have immersed myself. My knitting (my poor knitting that now needs major reworking—again! thank you Mercury retrograde), my new business identity and its upcoming launch, my garden and its beautiful food growing in there. Dancing, grief support, friends, what a blessed life!

I am grateful and life is good and now I’m going to eat breakfast. Delicious breakfast. Yay!

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