gratituesday 4/28

Frankie Shim Sham ShimmyFrankie Manning died yesterday. Almost 95 years old. He was such an inspiration to us lindy hoppers. He got coaxed out of a sorta retirement about 20 years ago and since traveled the world teaching and dancing and telling stories and being the Ambassador of Lindy Hop. I was privileged to dance with Frankie once, when I was still a beginner. I remembered being scared to death, worried about screwing up. We danced to “Shiny Stockings,” by all accounts Frankie’s favorite song.

frankie airstepWhen I went out dancing last night, I danced to “Shiny Stockings” again and remembered my dance with Frankie and how far I’ve come. Much of that progress is due to what he taught me about focusing on my partner. There is so much joy in lindy hop. I was at a blues dance last night and the DJ was connected to what was going on enough to—of course!—play a couple of songs in honor of Frankie. Thank you Steven!

Lindy hoppers all over the world were dancing in tribute to Frankie last night. There was a second line in New Orleans.

I think we dance in tribute to him all the time; last night was bittersweet and intense. All day yesterday I read Frankie memories on Twitter and Yehoodi.

There’s video of Frankie I want to post and I will do that tomorrow, or as soon as I can figure it out!

Obits about Frankie here and here.

Blessed be, Frankie! What is remembered, lives. See you in Lindy Hop Heaven.

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