gratituesday 4/8

I’m grateful to be up and alive and present and fierce in my commitment to honesty. Light loving and honest.

In response to my landlady asking for folks to pitch in with taking the trash cans to the curb on Sunday nights, I volunteered to be backup; that if the regular taker-outer didn’t do it, I would. Now it turns out I’m the only person wheeling the eleven heavy cans out.

I found a way to deal that works so nicely. A different voice: not self-pitying, not angry, not sulky. I just said (lightly) that my words did not mean I wanted to be the only one doing this task; that I’m okay with occasional, not regular. And my landlady heard me and we talked about it in a light and positive way.

I get such a good feeling in my chest (around my heart) when I do something like this. An assumption that we are both on the same side of this. An assumption of a  solution that works for everyone. The good feeling is, I think, one of amazement that I am able to step out of my lifelong negativity and do this differently. Do life differently. It feels good. And for that, for living long enough to experience this, I am grateful.



I am grateful for finding a pair of Eileen Fisher black cotton/spandex pants that fit me comfortably and flatteringly at Nordstrom Rack. They are gorgeous. They are not jeans. They are perfect for the workshop on Saturday.

I am grateful for two bank statement reconciles that went perfectly and easily.

I am grateful for asking a vendor to hold off on his price increase for the project we had already quoted and getting a Yes from him. Amazing what happens when I ask and let go of the results.

I am grateful woman and life is good.

Blessed be.

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