gratituesday 5/20

Tuesday morning. Cool. Gray skies. A jeans-wearing day. I’m a woman who wears jeans. Almost two years now and I’m still stunned by this change.

I’m grateful for my life. For yoga in the morning. Lots of work all day. For bringing as much of my A-game as possible to my work, my relationships, my health, my life.

I’m grateful to get to a meeting, even 20 minutes late. I’m grateful to sit and listen. To share some hugs afterward.

I’m grateful grateful grateful to be a learner. I love working with Dustin. Hard to keep up with his smarts; I feel like I’m eating his dust. Little bits keep stickin’ and I’m learning. Slowly and surely.

I’m grateful for tea with a new friend. Much fun. A little flirting. A little info-sharing. Nice.

Life is good and I am blessed. Thank you spirit for this moment.

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