gratituesday 5/26

Gratitude. Yes. Waking up in the morning asking to be of service. Connecting with spirit and stating my intention to be fit and strong and of service to myself, my community, my clients.

Broadcasting this intention to my twitterverse.

Life is good and full of possibility.

I am so grateful for the holiday weekend. I was lucky to have lots of time to work, to rest, to garden, to socialize, to cleanse.

I did a three-day cleanse that ended on Sunday (the three days before the new moon, the dark moon time). This time I did a vegan cleanse. I ate greens and quinoa and a couple of servings of fruit each day. Lots of water. It was wonderful.

I plan to do this for myself every month. Keeps me very mindful, opens space for going inside and having quiet time. Nice.

I am grateful for my two new coaching clients that entered my practice last week.

I am grateful that my crone’s shawl project is coming along. One-tenth the number of rows is now knitted and I can see the pattern. Makes it easier, but not easy, since each row is different. I like knitting triangles from the bottom up, since each row has four fewer stitches than the one before. Goes quicker and quicker and quicker.

I am grateful for my DVR. Now that the episodic tv shows I follow have mostly gone dark, I’m recording movies. Last night I watched the original Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Awesome. That final shot of Matthau looking back at Martin Balsam after the telltale cough: brilliant movie moment. I’m looking forward to the remake. I look forward to anything with Denzel in it. Just sayin’…

I’m grateful I got to participate in the Ritual of Remembrance at Lafayette War Memorial with the Pagan Alliance and the Order of the Pentacle. First time I was up close to the hillside full of crosses. Very moving. Victoria has a post with pix on her blog. I got to work on the banner with Victoria, Raven and Thalia. And wield the sacred screwdriver at the event to make holes for the vases and stakes. Blessed service. And fun, too, especially the banner-making. Some of us picnic-ed afterwards. Moved from the heat of the Lafayette hillside to the chilly winds of the shore at Alameda. Then back to sunny middle ground in my garden here in Oakland. Microclimates galore!

I’m grateful to have survived moving my email from one host to another; the weekend’s big activity. Only casualty is that I lost a week’s worth of unfiled sent mails. A little tragic, as I rely on my sent mails to create my status reports, which are going to be a little bumpy today. Oh well. Lesson learned. Move all files from inbox *and* sent box before deleting old accounts!

I’m a grateful gal…off to work.

I’m grateful

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