gratituesday 5/6


It’s my grandpa’s birthday. I don’t remember when he died or how old he was when he transitioned. He lived until 199x and was in his ’90s. grandpame.pngThat’s him with my grandma at the beach at the left. He loved loved loved to tan. And him with me on the right. I nearly didn’t recognize him; he’s smiling. And kneeling. Two body movements I rarely saw. Slight sarcasm aside, I loved my grandpa and am happy to honor my maternal grandfather ancestor. Blessed be, grandpa!

I am grateful for my internal calendar that remembers important dates in my personal history.

I am grateful to be up and blogging early this morning. A long and busy day yesterday. I’m grateful to be productive. To have time, to take time, for yoga and my pilates workout.

For getting to my AA meeting even if made late by a press check.

For sending out weekly progress reports to my graphic design clients.

For receiving signed contracts and first payments from two new clients.

For scheduling my life and living my schedule. For being accountable.

Rose called; she got a B on her history paper and sounds engaged and interested in her class. Woot!

I am a grateful woman. Life is good.

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