gratituesday 6/2

Tuesday morning grateful. I’ve had two days on my new herbal medicine and last night was, while not symptom-free, better. No pain. Yes!

I’m grateful for hopeful positive intention. I am healthy. Food is easy to digest. I absorb nutrients and eliminate waste with ease. My belly is soft and feels just fine 24/7. And so it is so it is so it is.

I’m grateful for an easier work week. The giant project is off my desk and everything is in production. I am managing it; still deadline pressure but thankfully not as intense as last week.

I’m grateful for my chiropractor being back on the job; she was away a long time dealing with her pregnancy and then miscarriage. It was great to be under her hands again.

I’m grateful for my relationship with my landlady and neighbors. I do love living here.

Life is good and I am blessed.

I am grateful for my health.

For my sisters.

For my daughter.

For my coven.

For being a lifelong learner.

For wealth.

For business that I love.

For my art.

For technology.

For delicious fresh and local food.

Blessed be!

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