gratituesday 6/24

I ran out of energy and gratitude yesterday. I fell into stress. I let work pressure (deadlines, non-responsive clients) and computer problems and the apparent death of my car satellite radio affect me. Plus I had a day of physical symptoms that had me down. I did not handle *life happening* with ease and grace. At one point in the afternoon my heart was pounding in my chest. Stress. Anxiety. Yick.

I am grateful grateful grateful to know that this too shall pass. And at the moment that might be all for which I am grateful.

cups02.jpgLet’s see…what other gratitude can I summon?

I’m grateful that my card for the day is the Two of Cups. There’s giving and receiving going on here. Circulation of energy. Bonding. Patience and wisdom. I notice that I resist the common meaning of romantic bonding; wonder why? [Okay Sue step away from the cynicism; it is not your friend!]

I’m grateful that the weather is cool. Chilly. I thrive in sweaters and jackets and Uggs boots. I wilt in 90º+ weather.

I’m grateful for what elements of my spiritual practices I can access and use even if I am in a funk. I am grateful I have a bigass toolbox of practices.

I’m grateful for this gratitude practice. Helps me turn myself around.

I am grateful to recommit to standing in peace, committed to serenity prosperity abundance and love. And so it is!

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