gratituesday 7/15

I took the night off last night. I was challenged by intense belly symptoms and decided that one less ho’ike rehearsal was just going to have to be enough. I hope.

I rested and got to bed early enough for nearly eight hours of rest.

I am grateful there are people in my life who will help me take care of myself when my sense of duty and responsibility drive me to do do do.

In my research for the upcoming full moon, I see that the following two weeks (starting on the 18th) are a good time to clear out and detox. That’s good to hear as I’m planning my caffeine release to start on the 28th. Glad it’s auspicious.

I’m grateful to be learning the tarot. It pleases me. I just did a couple of online readings for fun. Interesting…

I declare that I am healthy and fit and that I feel fine. I know that I am blessed. I know that the loving spirit that guides my life is everywhere. Everywhere I look, in everyone I meet. And that this loving spirit is everywhere in me. In my mind, in my heart, in my organs, in my veins, in my muscles, in my bones. In every cell. I know that this loving spirit governs my radiant good health. That I am already healed, that I am well, that I am fit, that I am strong, that all is already very well. I am so grateful to know that I already have everything I ever needed and that I am blessed. I release this knowing to the perfect law of this perfect universe and I let spirit do what spirit does best: everything. I let go of all concerns and I breathe in loving confidence that all my concerns are handled. And so it is.

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