gratituesday 7/22

Ho’ike on Saturday. Is there anything else happening in life? It’s going to feel weird when we aren’t rehearsing three times a week. It’s intense now.

My house is cleaned and tidy. My housekeeper (who cleans every other week) drives me crazy when she’s late or doesn’t show up. And our language barrier doesn’t help. But when she cleans it’s a work of art. Gleaming!

I know, I know, it’s a toleration. And I deserve better reliability. It’s on the list. For action some time…I have more urgent issues ahead of this one.

I’m grateful for my investments holding up. I’m grateful I manage my own IRA. It certainly gets more attention than when I relied on an investment advisor. Hah. I’d rename that title to *collector of fees for not much mists.pngmore than managing paperwork.* Ooh I’m cynical this morning.

I’m grateful for being self-directed with my finances.

I’m grateful for all my witchsters and all the support for each other that’s being thrown around the internet ether. I am all set for reading next week; I’m borrowing The Mists of Avalon from Rowan. Taking an old friend with me to the beach. Something with which I can snuggle up as I’m releasing the caffeine from my system.

And Melissa suggests a black candle and dragonsblood resin incense for a banishing spell. How empowering—I can banish this substance. Hooray for the input and love.

I’m grateful for carpooling to hula and for the stitched hula t-shirts Cindee made. Fun.

I’m grateful for rest and for love and for strength and health.

Blessed be.

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