gratituesday 7/29

In the Half Moon Bay library, using the internet. Unfortunately the wi-fi where I’m staying doesn’t work. Or fortunately. As it led me to be even more quiet and, with less distraction, focus more on taking care of myself.24+ hours without caffeine.

The headache is intense. Head. Neck. Shoulders. The rest of me is feeling just fine.I am doing everything I can to walk through this. I know this intense pain will pass. Not sure when, but it will.

I slept late. Took four hours to prepare food and slowly slowly eat and sip the herbal tea remedy Rabbit gave me and burn Dragon’s Blood incense and medicate myself with the herbs and teas.

Spent an hour in the brilliant sunshine at the beach and then drove up here to the internet connection.

Time to wrap up and get ready to get some dinner. And another black candle if I can find one. I’ve been burning a black candle since I got here to support releasing and banishing caffeine.

My sister visits tomorrow. How nice to have some company.

And then Rabbit and Ninette on Thursday.

I love that I have people who want to visit me.

I am blessed.

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  1. Blessed be, Sue! How powerfull you are to be able to banish toxins from your body and your life. You are strong and healthy and creative and magical. When I am blessed to spend time with you I always find something about you that I want to incorporate unto myself. You are one of my role models. How sweet is that? Your headache will pass, your candles and incense will keep you company until your sister, Rabbit, and Ninette can come and be with you. It’s wonderfull that you have people coming to help you fight this battle. On the home front, Melissa and I are both going to Ravin’s on Saterday. I’m so excited!
    live hard

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