gratituesday 8/18

I can find gratitude; yes I can. Even though technology failures abound.

I am grateful for this woman. The amazing wonderful loving Leila. And for where we are today, deepening and broadening our relatedness. Layer after layer after layer being peeled away in a wonderful opening. I feel so blessed!

I am grateful that the iMac is working today; sorta. And that I am buying a bit of time before I cave and do another erase and install. Yuck yuck yuck!

I am grateful that one of the Mac techs I’ve used in this long process has just emailed me back. I love accountable tech support people.

I’m grateful that Canon tech support helped me even though my printer is out of warranty—he waived the fee. My way of being and interacting and keeping my frustrations to myself serves to improve the results I get in the world. Imagine that!

I’m grateful I can work today. I have a new coaching client’s first call in an hour. Blessed; I am so blessed.

I declare that the right and perfect and easy resolution to all my problems is already manifesting in the divine perfect order of the universe. Spirit knows no frustration, no fear, no problems. I am so grateful to know this and to be able to step back from the struggle, taking deep and whole breaths, and move forward in gratitude and love. I trust the universe, I trust spirit, I trust that everything I need is already mine. I am loved and I am love. I am whole. I am blessed. I release my word in perfect love and perfect trust. All is already well. And. So. It. Is.

Just sayin’…

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