gratituesday 8/4

I am grateful grateful grateful.

I am grateful for love flowing to from around and through me.

I feel so blessed.

I am grateful to be sexually alive; these fires have been but dimly glowing coals for so long. And now the flames have been reignited and I am bowled over with amazement awe and gratitude that I am juicy and full of passion. And that there is someone in my life who likes every bit of it. How cool is that!

I am grateful for showing up. I don’t hang out in denial very long. I have some skills in accepting painful realities and moving on. The ongoing saga of my too-damp-for-too-long vehicle. Am visiting a mold abatement shop tomorrow to move forward on cleaning up the passenger cabin of my car so it’s a healthy place to be.

I’m grateful for friends, witches, family. Tarot class last night was awesome. I volunteered to lead a workshop at Harvest Home. Embracing the crone within: body, mind and spirit. Cool!

I’m grateful for chicken in the oven, coconut water and yummy spices.

I’m grateful for meaningful work, for being a voracious lifelong learner.

I’m grateful for playtime scheduled with friends. For playtime scheduled with Leila. For willingness happiness and huge joy.

And, sorry if it’s getting repetitive, I’m grateful for juicy passionate love.

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