gratituesday 8/5

Grateful woman speaks. I am a grateful woman.

I am blessed in this life. On this day.

I have passions that light me up.

Hula. Oh my gosh it was so good to go back to hula last night. We are learning a new hula auana (modern hula, with melody and instruments as opposed to hula kahiko, which is ancient hula with drums only). It’s called “Makee Ailana.” It’s beautiful. So beautiful that I practiced the part we learned about forty times before bed. Now that’s new and unusual and rewarding behavior for me. I also bought seven versions from iTunes, and I’m listening to them now. Wish I knew how to link the music to this blog for you; maybe one of my readers can help me.

True confessions: I bought one version twice from two different albums. I need to be more careful!

Tarot. I’ve been doing a reading daily ever since last Monday, to support the caffeine detox. And I am fascinated. And goodie!, class starts tomorrow. Deepen my studies.

Swing dancing. It was so good to get back on the partner dance floor after a long time away. I was ecstatic. Hope to get out again this week.

I am a grateful and lucky woman. I am blessed. Life is good.

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