gratiTuesday June 29

This year is nearly half over…What? How?

It’s a beautiful sunny morning, and for today I am not obsessed with travel plans. Not much anyway. Found a vendor that makes custom food allergy cards in the languages you need for traveling. Cool! Although I’d rather make my own. Anyone reading this who can translate the following into French? I’d be so grateful. Here we go:

I am allergic to:


Raw onions

Bell peppers



Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Today I am grateful for dinner with an old friend last night. Someone I knew a long time ago and never did get to know very well. In two hours last night we created a different and deeper connection. How cool is that. Plus tons of reminiscing.
  • I am grateful for my integrity and commitments. For researching and deciding what’s best for me. I am (finally!) so much less driven by what other people do.
  • I am grateful for generosity of spirit and willingness. For the open loving attention I pay to the wonderful people who grace my life.
  • I am grateful for the willingness to take care of myself. And for the slack I can cut myself when I am under-productive (that would be last night with two hours lost to the Twitterverse!).
  • I am grateful for the way my sister and I make each other laugh. What a treasure in my life!
  • I am grateful for citronella. Bought me some rest as I was experiencing this summer’s first night of mosquito torture.
  • I am grateful for string beans and snap peas and snow peas from the garden.
  • I am grateful for the sound of Avery’s voice coming from downstairs. I love having him and his momma and dad as oh-so-close neighbors.

I am so blessed!


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  1. Thora you are amazing! Thank you. One question: Does Poivrons mean bell peppers only? I’m okay with black pepper, cayenne and hot peppers. How do I distinguish? Oh, and does the capitalization matter? You have some words capped and some not…Educate me. Thanks!

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