Healing and clear vision — what are you meant to be, do, and heal?

Prayers for healing and clear vision

Full Moon in Leo

Tuesday, February 3rd
14º48′ Leo
3:09 pm Pacific
6:09 pm Eastern


Monday, February 2nd

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

continues through
Wednesday, February 11th

The Leo Full Moon rises this year just after Imbolc, the time when you can begin to really feel the first stirrings of Spring here in the north if you haven’t already — tree buds are swelling, and daylight is now noticeably longer. The first days of February are also known as Tu BiShvat — New Year for trees — in Judaism; and Groundhog Day in the U.S., symbolizing how animals are waking from their winter hibernation.

Where I live, in Northern California , the magnolias have already bloomed and brought their beauty and heady scent. My daughter and I did our annual photo shoot with the magnolias as a backdrop just the other day.

Magnolias 2015As we celebrate the growing light in the Northern Hemisphere, those of you in the South are approaching the first harvest. Some of us are opening to the light, and the others are seeing the coming darkness. We are all doing our dance around the wheel.

As the light increases, you may feel pulled to focus on your vision for the year ahead.

Accept this invitation, open this gift, lean into the new life and light that was sparked at the Winter Solstice.

Who will you be, what will you do, and what will you heal this coming year? In addition to setting goals and intentions for the two weeks, as you usually do at the Full Moon, look at the year ahead as well. What is being called forth? What will you share of your time, treasure, and talents with the people you love, and those you serve?

Ribbons for healing at ImbolcAsk for a blessing for healing

Imbolc is the Goddess Brigid’s festival. She is a triple Goddess, a healer, a poet, and a maker — no wonder she’s so dear to my heart! It is believed that at Imbolc, she blesses people and livestock. This is a great time to hang pieces of ribbon or cloth out on a bush or a tree for Brigid to bless and imbue with healing properties.

I have done this today. I wrote on pieces of ribbon the names of those I want to be blessed and healed. I walked my neighborhood and found a lovely bush on a corner where there’s a community garden. I hung my ribbons there. I also made smaller versions of my ribbons and glued them in my journal. Because why not?

healing ribbons in the journalMore about the Full Moon

Leo is the sign the represents your individuality, creativity, and leadership. Is there a moment you can step around your fear and step fully into the spotlight? Leo also invites you to nurture those you love and your own beautiful self. Are you making enough time for fun, rest, and adventure?

We are still in Mercury retrograde (Rx) until February 11th

All three of this year’s Mercury retrogrades occur in air signs (this one is in Aquarius), inviting you to re-examine your thoughts, your limiting beliefs, and your social interactions. Mercury Rx also opens the way for you to re-lax, and turn your attention within and listen closely to your Divine Feminine, your inner creative voice. Honor your emotional intelligence, your instincts and your intuition.

Listen to the whispers that resonate in your heart, and open you up to healing and clear vision, as we turn the corner into Imbolc and the Full Moon. What are you meant to be and do and heal in the coming year? How will you step into what is calling you? I’d love to hear what lands for you — talk with me in the comments. Blessed be!

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  1. Love your post! Yeah to choosing WHAT we want to heal this year – or even this very retrograde. It’s easier to heal when we are climbing one mountain at at time 🙂 take off time xoxo

    • Hi Danielle, and welcome.

      I like your take on this very much. When choice is part of the equation, it’s a game changer, and it allows us to move from reacting to intentionally taking action.


  2. I love this post (and everything you share) so much! Thank you for sharing from your generous heart. I am listening.
    Tweeted, Posted and Pinned!

  3. What a lovely idea Sue with the ribbons, I am going to get some ribbon and do that , love the journal and the community garden sounds delightful
    Thanks for sharing love Suzie

  4. Beautiful ! Thank you.
    at airport. ..boarding soon.. to your side of the country.
    LA , Santa Barbara and Ojai. Wave of love and new year blessings. Full moon ceremony. Purna. Purnamina..

    • Oh Eva, you’ll be so close yet too far away to see! Damn. May the Moon shine abundant blessings on you.


  5. Sue, funny that this post resonate with my situation from 6 years ago. At that time I was just laid off and wondering how and what I would do. First I had to heal the anger and hurt before a new vision could appear. Today I am quite happy helping midlife women with their career clarity.

  6. Sounds like a powerful healing juncture… I’ve been using Mercury Retrograde to really release and get clear. My personal theme has been about owning my individuality, value and inner knowing about what’s right and true for me.

    • Autumn, welcome, and thanks for your comment. I love your theme, and your embrace of Merc Rx’s clarity.

      Blessed be,

  7. I love focus on be, do, and heal rather than be, do, and have. Having things is nice, but healing things is even better! I’ve been doing a LOT of work with myself lately…hoping to see big shifts and changes soon.

    • Holly, me too; that’s a beautiful distinction you’ve come up with, thanks. Keep me posted as you shift and change.


  8. Love the playfulness of the ribbons in your journal. Interestingly, I just wrote down my vision and intentions for the year ahead after clearing some of the old I no longer identify with. I enjoy reading about astrological forces and how we can benefit from those energies. Thanks.

    • Lisa, thanks so much for your comment, and welcome!

      Yes, I love having lots of playfulness in my spirituality, in my rituals.

      Love hearing about your releasing and your clear vision and intentions.


  9. Reading this was like balm for the soul. Relaxed me, put me in line with where we are. So much energy to be harnessed and brought inside, first, then to the changing season. As I move back into healing, it is a particularly wonderful time to be in this space. Thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Teri, thanks so much for the loving comment. I love that you’re doing the inside job first, because of course!

      Love and light,

  10. I love the idea of the ribbons and sending blessings to people that way. Beautiful! I have recently finished writing a book and have started writing poetry again, so it’s interesting to hear about Brigid at this time. And boy, is this Mercury Retrograde pulling some punches – computer virus, broken down fridge, broken down boiler all in the same 2 weeks !

    • Morgan, I started off in this Mercury Rx feeling a lot of ease and openness. By now, though, I’m counting the day until it’s over.

      So nice to read about your book and poetry. Go you!


  11. Love it Sue, thanks so much for sharing. What a beautiful ritual, with the ribbons! I’m a Leo and one of the things I’ve decided to do this year is to be more visible, starting with a total revamp of my website. I have to say though, it’s really hard! I feel like I’m going against my innate nature. On the one hand, I know I’ve got big and beautiful things to share with the world, but there’s constant resistance from my deepest self, saying ‘shhhh, don’t put yourself out there, you’ll fail.’ It’s hard to keep going some days, but posts like yours encourage me to keep going, so thank you xx

    • Vanessa, how exciting! Let me know if you would like some support as you take on the revamp (I can help).

      Glad you feel encouraged; must be just how I feel when I read your comment. Thank you!


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