How do you cleanse, dedicate and renew? How do you love without grasping?

Full Moon at 6º Libra

Wednesday 3/27, 2:27 am Pacific

I’ve been thinking about this upcoming Full Moon, and while a Libra lunation might be seen as something peaceful and balanced, we get to also fold in the awareness of all this Aries energy going on. Especially Venus in Aries.

They say that Venus in Aries is at her detriment, and to watch out for a tendency to be overly aggressive, out of balance (hmmm, that Libra thing again), to be driven by so much rush to accomplish, accumulate, achieve, that you can rush right by the opportunity to savor this now moment, and the next.

So the opening here, this coming week, is to continue to breathe, and to experience this moment of accomplishment, or this moment on the way to accomplishment. To appreciate this awareness of increase. To allow appreciation for every facet of your achievements.

This Full Moon comes the day after Passover (Pesach) begins, as it always does, since Jewish legend decrees that Passover begins the night of the Full Moon that occurs after the Spring Equinox. Observant Jews will be in Pesach mode, having cleansed their homes of leavened bread in all its forms, put away the usual kitchenware and brought out the “for Pesach” sets, and feasted at Seder and retold the Exodus story in this sacred reenactment of an ancient Spring festival.

What I take away from this tradition of my birth is that this time of year is an invitation formatzobrei cleansing, dedication and renewal. Not to mention a great time to gather with loved ones and eat matzo brei.

Three suggestions for a Full Moon working, for your business, for your body, for your soul

Take some time, as close to the actual Full Moon as you can to do this work. (Any time in the three-day-window of Tuesday 2/26 to Thursday 3/28 will work just fine.) You can work at your altar, or be outside, or any place you feel connected to Spirit.

Use these suggestions to tap into the energy of this Full Moon.

  • Consciously connect with your tribe: your family, your friends, your loved ones, your clients. Venus in Aries promotes the idea of the community of friendship. Make an action plan for showing up from love in all your communities. And do it.
  • Cleanse, dedicate, and renew. Take some time to “zhuzh” your personal altar space. To dedicate to your existing spiritual practice. Or add something new to it. Plant seeds — spiritual seeds, seeds for actions you will take for your business, seeds of wellness, seeds of love — that will take root now and bear fruit for you in this coming growing season.
  • Let your big loving heart be expressed in everything you do and say. Soften inside yourself, know you are safe and blessed, and let that passionate, steady flame of Aries love be apparent in everything you think, every word you say, and everything you do.

I’d love to know how this Full Moon glows for you. Please leave a comment and let me know what actions you are taking; how you are cleansing, dedicating and renewing; and how you are expressing your beautiful loving heart.


Gratitude, from my heart to yours

I am grateful for the Big Shift event I’m headed to today. Looking forward to the shifts!

I am grateful that I get to be coached this weekend!

I’m grateful that I have a big car. I have packed so much food! I have most of my meals handled!

I am grateful for the commitment I’ve made to be present, as fully present as I can be, for this event.

I’m grateful for the chance to meet my so-far-online-and-onphone friend Sharon and to share a room with her.

I’m grateful I have such beautiful business cards to share!

I’m grateful that I have such a beautiful website.

I’m grateful for the people that make up team Magnolias West. Great support!

I’m grateful for my communities and for the people who inspire me.

I’m grateful for my teacher, Mark Silver, and for the Heart of Money class I’ve been taking.

What makes you grateful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. I find these suggestions for working with the natural cycles so helpful, Sue. So I’m grateful for that, and also for the big clearing within my soul that has gone on the past couple of days. Thank you Full Moon!
    Hope you have a lovely time.


    • CJ, Hi! Clearings in the soul; I’m experiencing them too, and they feel just great!

      Releasing, committing, it’s all paying off!

      Love and blessings,

  2. Yay, now I can comment! 🙂

    I wanted to say thank you for the reminder! I am currently dealing with an end-of-quarter at work with its stress, hectic, long hours, and junk food. It’s great to remember that I *can* just step outside for a few minutes to breathe the fresh air, and the world won’t end! I’m paying extra attention to eating healthy this week, and I’ll also take your advice and connect with my loved ones 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Sibylle,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment (especially with all the technical difficulties!).

      Intentional breathing breaks, eating well, connecting to loved ones. What a perfect prescription for showing up for yourself with love.

      Rock on, gorgeous!

    • Hi Tess,

      Did you stand under the Moon last night? Here it was surrounded by and shining through fast-moving clouds. Lovely.

      This morning I’m renewing my commitment and dedicating myself to taking action, no matter how imperfect. And drinking lots and lots of water, all day long, to cleanse my cells, every single one of them.

      Blessings and love,

  3. What a great reminder, Sue! I’m feeling the need to clean up my diet, go for long walks no matter what the wheather is like and to be very clear in my relationships. So I’m letting go of old friends, old patterns and I’m starting to see new ones that are more aligned with who I am now. With love, Karina

    • Hi Karina.

      I too am feeling the need to stretch my health commitments. Glad to know I’ve got company. May we blossom and bloom into even more aligned fully expressed healthy women!

      Love and light,

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