How’s your balance?

We’re coming up on the balance point—Equinox on 9/22


The balance point. How does that manifest for you?

Do you notice sometimes that there’s a need to get real about those things you keep promising yourself you’ll do?

  • I’m going to pay attention to my body, and make sure I get some stretching and exercise in every day
  • I’m going to work in a more spacious way, and take breaks
  • I’m going to pull my head out of the computer, unplug, and actually visit with my human friends, and family, and loved ones

Sometimes your resolve to have more balance in your work and life is so easy to ignore. “I’ll do that tomorrow.”

Well, gorgeous, the universe has a special, twice-a-year invitation for you to get a bit more grounded in your balance. You can take advantage of this like your life depends upon it. Because it does. Or you can keep putting it off. Guess which one I wish for you? And for me?

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Thursday, 9/19/13
26º41′ Pisces
4:13 am Pacific
7:13 am Eastern
11:13 am GMT

Some traditional names for September’s Full Moon are:

  • Harvest Moon
  • Chrysanthemum Moon
  • Singing Moon
  • Barley Moon
  • Nut Moon
  • Mulberry Moon

The Equinox is a perfect time to take stock.

Take some more time in the sunshine. Wiggle your toes. Dance around the room. And then, when you get back to your workstation, finalize the details that will allow you to complete, and launch, whatever fabulous audacious thing is next for you, so you can move into the next season with your feet on the ground, and your head and heart full of inspiration.

This is a powerful week. With the Pisces Full Harvest Moon, and the equinox, it’s a great time to celebrate your balance.

Does this watery Moon feel warm to you? Like it’s simmering and about to come to a boil?

The Pisces Full Moon is looking toward the future, toward the rebalancing, rebirth and repurposing opportunity that’s coming on the 22nd, at the Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra.

This week, things may feel like they’re speeding up. And your long-haul efforts may feel like they’re paying off. Venus and Saturn are conjunct in Scorpio this week. Outcomes and results will be in your face. What’s left to complete before you move into the next chapter? Forgiveness, compassion and mercy wrap every action you take in love.

From your place of sacred balance, dream a new world into existence

This juicy opening to optimistic possibility is enhanced even more by the square aspect between Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer over the Full Moon–Equinox period. Your thoughts, words and ideas (Mercury) will be enhanced and expanded (Jupiter). Remember, precious, not to succumb to Jupiter’s overpromising! It is possible to be open, positive and hopeful and remain grounded at the same time. Remember, the Full Moon opposes the Sun in Virgo, and lean on that grounding influence.

I would love to know how you are doing this week, with the Piscean possibilities and the Virgo grounding in the house, and with the Equinox offering its invitation to your sacred balance. Please talk to me in the comments section below.


Gratitude magic. So much to be grateful for!

(including forgiving myself for bad grammar…moving on…)

  • I am grateful that the DNA analysis found three actual infections and that there is treatment available and affordable for them.
  • I am grateful that I seem to be tolerating the antibiotics pretty well. Even Flagyl. Yuck.
  • I am grateful that the replacement crown for my front tooth is only $540 and that my insurance paid half.
  • I am grateful that my infected thumb responded to soaks and is much better.
  • I am grateful for gluten-free chocolate macaroons!
  • I am grateful for patient, loving, compassionate clients.
  • I am grateful for radical and exquisite self-care, even when that looks like going to bed before ten.
  • I am grateful for the secondhand store in the area that had three lovely Eileen Fisher tops that fit me just right. $90 total. Yes!
  • I am grateful for my WordPress interface working now. I am nearly ready to kick my host to the curb. Ugh. May the technology deities smile upon me and my doings. And yours as well!
  • I am grateful for an hour of lovely body work today. Just what I needed. Sometimes it’s hard to slow down. Ah yes, balance!!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments! What moves you to gratitude today? And…do you have a WordPress blog? Do you have a reliable host with great uptime and stellar customer service? Where are you hosted? (Bluehost, your days may be numbered with me!)


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  1. Equinox is balance time.
    The Sun, from the perspective of Earth,
    Is balance in our universe.

    The year 2013 and
    the Equinox
    is a Pisces Full Harvest Moon.

    I feel
    Off balance today
    and I feel fine.
    I t’s like I’m on a board balanced on a ball.
    I’m used to it now, so it’s easy.


  2. “This week, things may feel like they’re speeding up.” – LOL I’m not sure time could speed up any faster. I still don’t know where 2012 went and here 2013 is at the fall equinox.  Looking back over all of 2013, how would you summarize the year and do you feel this will have influences on the remainder of the year?

    • Lorraine, summarize? I guess I’m too much in the flow of each and every day to even to begin to do that!

      What do you need to know in order to stand in your sovereignty in your planning? Besides knowing that yes, there will be another Mercury retrograde in ’13. And that there will be other aspects and planetary changes that will be affecting us.

      But that’s the good news! There is always always something changing. So let’s plan for that as well. I love how astrology helps us know when it’s best to plan and review and work on stuff, and when it’s best to launch, and engage publicly with our tribes.

      Stay tuned…I’ll be launching my Astrology Readings for Your Business program very very soon! 🙂

      Love and magic,

    • Sarah, that’s so great, thank you! I look forward to seeing it, and finding out more about you. I like what I see on your website so far…

      My heart to yours…

  3. Great post Sue and love your gratitude list. Down under we have a Full Worm Moon and I will be unplugged on 9/22 ceing creative and in touch with nature  Yes I have a blog and love Hostgator– they are green and we got hacked recently all out sites and they were amazing – had us with about 20 sites up and running quickly with all new passwords and was just part of the service I may have a coupon if you want it . 


    • Suzie, if I migrate, when I migrate, it won’t be to HostGator, they have the same ownership as Bluehost. Which would be like changing lifeboats on the Titanic. 🙂

      Thanks for all your help with the Shareaholic thing. I think I have it worked out now.

      Enjoy the blessings of this Full Worm Moon and the Equinox. I will be unplugged on Sunday too. Joining you in creativity and nature.

      Love and blessings,

  4. Sue,

    Once again thank you for your wonderful perspectives on the upcoming equinox.  I need more balance in my life 🙂

    In terms of hosts, I use Their customer service is amazing, their prices affordable and I’ve used them when I previously worked for someone else as well – never EVER have I had a bad experience with them.  They’re WordPress specialists, so if Suzie’s Hostgator doesn’t do it for you, they might be worth taking a look at.

    So glad to hear your health is on the improve.

    With love

    Shân xxx

    • Hey Shan, thanks for taking the time to share your comment. I am looking for a US host, but thanks.

      And my heart is full of gratitude for your compassion and tender loving input about my improving health. Yay.

      Love and healing,

  5. Love your gratitude list, finding the good in the not so! I also love that your blog has reacquanted me with the Moon’s cycles, I will honour the Equinox and myself by taking stock.

    Yes, I have a website that hasn’t seen the light of day, until I took the plunge to share some words recently, despite being created some time ago, now lovingly being altered by an amazing desinger, Michelle Kirsch. I am grateful for a wondeful hosting service, Dreamhost. Their customer service is amazing and during a time when I could not pay them their annual fee, they waited, and waited. Never cutting me off, never criticising, how lovely is that!  Dreamhost all the way Sue. They even upload wordpress to their site in one step.

    I am grateful for beautiful blogs, inspiring women and the love and support expressed within groups I have been blessed to find mysef in. (including you and yours)

    I am grateful for so much more, but I won’t clog up your comments with them all. 

    Happy Equinox 


  6. Love your gratitude list! I’m grateful for beautiful blogs like this! You guys seem to be way ahead of me in the blogging dept. as I just launched my brand new raw foods and healthy living website yesterday, complete with spanking new blog.

    love & peace,  RC

    • Thanks, Raw Chick (I can’t find your name, sorry!).

      I am grateful for you and your blog and website are lovely!

      Love and light,

  7. balance is something that i am working on right now. after several month with a swirling uncertainty, it seems like the energy of the universe is on my side as i settle into healthy routines this fall with my family and work. love your perspective. 

    • Amy, I totally get it. Uncertainty is up all over the place, isn’t it? I celebrate your settling into healthy routines.

      Love and blessings,

  8. Great post!  I love the usefulness of the way you presented the information.

    I am grateful for finding your site today!  🙂

    Things seem to be going so fast for me, manifesting-wise, that I am almost having trouble keeping up and processing/implementing the information in the messages I’m getting. Any advice?


  9. Hi Sue

    Love your gratitude list, and the reminder of taking stock at the equinox time, perfect timing for me. After a 3 months of upheaval and uncertainty, I am starting to feel like my balance is gradually being restored.

    as for hosting, I have always used Go, with no problems at all, and I have a wordpress site.

    best wishes


    • Hi Julie, thanks for the recommendation. GoDaddy is on the list.

      Glad to hear you are feeling more balance. May it continue!

      Love and blessings,

  10. Just catching up with your posts now, Sue. I mentioned in my last comment how important balance is in my world, so this time, I’m really responding to your gratitude list.

    I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful community that’s built around me this year. I remember back when I very first started my online business, writing a post with a title of something like “Wanted: one tribe. If found, please contact…”

    While I’m still struggling a little to get the whole finance side of my business working, I do feel as though I’ve drawn that tribe I started off looking for towards me, and I’m so hugely appreciative of that!

    • Tanja, double thanks to you today. 🙂

      I love that you posted “Wanted: one tribe….” You are so smart, and I learn so much from your wisdom and your down-to-earth common sense.

      So glad we are here for each other as we each move further and further into this business from our hearts!


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