How many hats do you wear in your business?

As a spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneur, you may often find yourself wearing many hats, filling lots of roles.

How many hats do you wear as you grow and rock your business?

Especially if you’re starting out, or building (or re-building) your business, you may often find yourself taking on roles that are challenging, unfamiliar, and sometimes downright scary!

This is certainly true in my case.
How many hats do you wear in your business?

How many hats do you wear?

For me, with my business in a rebranding and rebuilding phase, I am doing much of the work on my own. I’ve cut down on paid help for now. Which means I get to do just about everything for Magnolias West.

Lucky for me I love learning new things.

This week I moved my website to a new host.

In the process I got to learn some new and way cool stuff. You might want to file these resources for you and your team; they can come in very handy. I love sharing what I’ve learned!

  • When you’re developing a new website and it’s not yet live, you can navigate the site by IP address so easily by using Once you’re there, just put in the IP (which you can get from your host) and the domain name, and you can see everything! I was even able to log into the back end and copy over the new blogpost that hadn’t been there when the site moved over. You may be asking yourself why I didn’t move over the complete site, why I had a blogpost on the old site that wasn’t on the new copy. I blame Mercury retrograde for this. After getting off to a very bumpy start in this Merc Rx, I decided to wait before launching on the new host. Forgetting completely that I was due to write a new post. Which takes me to the next cool thing….
  • You can export content from one site and import to another really easily. I exported the post from the soon-to-be-gone version of my site and imported it to the new one. I did need to install the WordPress Importer, but I was led through step-by-step instructions when I clicked on Import. Easy peasy! Yes I had to re-upload the image. But the content and the comments came over perfectly.
  • Here’s how to know if and when your site has propagated all around the world after you change hosts. Go to What’sMyDNS, put in your site name, and look for checkmarks all around the world. You see, after pulling the trigger on the move last night, I wondered today if I would be writing this post to the old soon-to-be-obsolete copy on my old host, or if it would be on the new and live site. I didn’t know how to know! So I checked What’sMyDNS, and confirmed by calling my host.

I know that I don’t want to be the tech-y developer geek in my business. Not as my main focus.

But since I am wearing that particular hat right now, I’m saved by the fact that I love learning, and love troubleshooting (as long as the trouble doesn’t last too long!). Now that I’m back to wearing almost all of the hats, I’m enjoying learning, successfully implementing what I’ve learned, and sharing the info with you.

What are your favorite resources? What would you like to share? Let’s talk in the comments.

Changes are afoot at Magnolias West.

The rebrand and re–just-about-everything has begun. Big doings.

For now, I will be changing my blogging and newsletter schedule to something like every other week (instead of weekly). I promise to keep delivering consistently true, slightly audacious, and always juicy content. I will use the freed-up time to move my business development and rebrand along quickly and beautifully.

I want to thank Steve Lesnick for allowing me to use this wonderful photo.

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  1. Wow! You go, Sue! My “hat’s” off to you for having the courage to tackle such a task. Before you know it, you’ll be a tech-savvy subject matter expert! Thanks for the share!

  2. I can really relate to this post… all that step-by-step learning that moves us from “point A” to “point B.” Favorite resources? Right now I’m a little bit in love with Create Space and Amazon’s KDP program.

    • Andrea, I haven’t found my way to either of your resources yet. I’ll remember what you said, in case I need any moral support or pointers when I get there.

      Love and magic,

    • Cindy, welcome, I’m happy to connect with you. Yup. Growth is So.Much.Fun. As I learned in Brooklyn: AFGO — Another F**king Growth Opportunity. Woohoo!


  3. Well let’s see. I’m the CEO, CTO, CFO, and marketing director of all things Peggy Nolan. I write my own copy, I produce my own podcast, I vet my guests, and I do almost everything. I did find someone to do my graphic design and help me with consistency across platforms, and now I have a marketing coach. I’m calling in reinforcements when I need them 🙂

    • I hear you, Peggy. I’m all of those “O-level” things myself plus I’m the CIO — Chief Inspiration Officer.

      I look forward to having an assistant again sometime, and am very happy to have found a branding/marketing mastermind that I’m happily paying for. Otherwise it’s all me!

      Thanks for the supportive words.


  4. Congratulations on the rebrand! You’re right – one advantage of wearing a “new” hat is that you get to learn something new. Great perspective! Good luck with your branding journey (can’t wait to see the result!).

  5. Oh WOW! Yes, so many hats we wear. I am currently absolutely a solopreneur…much like Peggy describes. Have not found Nadia’s dream team yet….but know we will find each other. I am looking forward to calling in reinforcements :-)))

    • Nadia, I love that, thinking of putting together your Dream Team, and knowing that you will find each other.

      Thanks for sharing that with me.

      Love and light,

  6. Congrats on the move 🙂 I wear all the hats in my business, doing everything myself but not by choice. I’m trying to find someone to take over the hat of the bookkeeper now.

  7. You are amazing! I love how you are so brave and going lovingly towards your goals. As we evolve in our business and in life, our brand often shifts entirely towards a new direction. When that happens I do agree we must wear many hats. Thankfully, it’s often only for a little while. There are only so many that can truly fit us while looking good on our head. 😉 I admire all the women I get to meet who juggle many hats. My main hat is as a mom, a wife, and an artist/entrepreneur. I love it. Great share! ~ Nathalie

    • Nathalie, welcome! I love this: ” There are only so many that can truly fit us while looking good on our head.”

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Blessed be.

  8. Brave you Sue, I have reinstalled my site once, and I used Akeeba. thanks for the resources I am saving that link . I wear far too many hats and I am working on making life simpler- LETTING GO xxoo

    • Suzie, I haven’t heard of Akeeba. I’ll check it out. Letting go is good; I keep doing as much of that as I can.

      Love and light,

  9. You are a brave “tech” lady now Sue! I would not even consider taking on the transfer of my site when I moved from an individual hosting to a C-Panel. Even the people who helped me, had some big tech issues while doing it. I did love watching as it propagated, as of course we wouldn’t want our site to be unable to be found for too long. 😉 Thanks for sharing that it might be more learnable and doable than my experience. Congrats on the rebranding and refocusing too. And to answer your question…other than designing and website managing…I am wearing all the hats too!

    • Hi Beverley, thanks for your generous and loving comment. And I am here to tell you that I am so glad that my site is moved, propagated and live! Hope that I don’t have to do that again any time soon!


  10. Thanks for sharing these resources, Sue! And thanks for the inspiration to learn about all parts of our business (even when a certain “hat” feels new or uncomfortable).

    I’m inching into the bookkeeping world at the moment as I seek out a new person to fill that role for my partner and me.

    I’m all about learning as much as I can so I can understand the process and her/his role, rather than just handing over that hat and forgetting about it.

    • Dana, Thanks for the loving mirror. I will admit turning over roles to someone else has been really hard for me in the past. I’m looking forward to having so much creative and client work in my biz that I get to try again!

      Love and light,

  11. It’s all about balance, right? I outsource the parts of my life I just can’t seem to find time for (or, to be honest, don’t want to do) like cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. And, by the way, I post to my blog every other Friday, have been doing it this way since I began back in 2012. If you’re consistent, you will not lose readers. I know we all will continue to follow you no matter what!

    • Kimba, I think I’m a lot like you. I happily pay to get the house cleaned so I have more time to take care of myself and my biz.

      I take your words to heart about my blogging frequency. I’ll be consistent, just at a different pace for now.

      Blessed be.

  12. Hi, Sue,

    Congratulations on new site!

    You’re right — wearing a hat forces you to learn something new.

    Good luck with your branding journey (can’t wait to see the result!).

    — Stella Chiu

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