I am grateful today…

release…so I thought I’d write down why.

I am grateful for the ongoing decluttering project. Today I worked in my bedroom again (circling around to my clothes, ack!), and went through a bookcase, and a linen/project materials storage thing.

I’m grateful to be able to let go. I just released about half the books I had, that I haven’t looked at or used in years. These were mostly books from my spiritual bookcase, and I can see how I’ve grown and moved on from some of the modalities that used to be so useful for me. Kept all the home healing/herbalism/kitchen witch books, and of course all the Goddess spirituality books.

I’m grateful for the interlude with a diary from age 14. Seems I went to the Brooklyn Paramount with two friends and saw the Four Seasons, Lesley Gore, Bobby Rydell, Jackie Wilson, Ruby and the Romantics, Jan and Dean and more. Boy I wish I had that memory! I wish I hadn’t smoked so much weed around the clock for so many years. My past continues to be in a fog, even after nearly 22 years clean and sober. I especially wish I remembered seeing Jackie Wilson!

I’m grateful for the slow and leisurely way I’m approaching this decluttering project. I’m sorting through things. I’m organizing things. And I’m releasing releasing releasing.

I’m grateful for my focus for 2013. My usual practices: lists of goals and intentions, and my usual vision board/treasure map collage, didn’t call to me at all. Instead, I found myself listening for the one word that would be the theme for all my work this year. It took more than a week, but I finally heard it, loud and clear, yesterday: The word for 2013 is Heal. Internal healing for myself, and being a healing force in every interaction with my loved ones, and my tribe (yes you!).

I’m grateful for the practice of Generosity. I’m committed to doing something for someone else every week this year. This week, my act of generosity is to let go of anger toward my downstairs neighbor and return to acceptance and forgiveness. And so I have done so, even though circumstances haven’t changed at all. One down, 51 to go!

Do you do Intentional Generosity? Let me know how this manifests for you in the comments, precious one! Want to join me in the practice? I’ll be revealing my generosities here in the blog each week and you can join right in!

Love and blessings!

Photo credit: from the Sun Gazing blog.

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