I’m in an art show and the opening is June 17th!

This is so exciting. I’m in an art show, the second art show of my life. What a privilege, to step into creative expression in such a big way.

The show has two exhibits:

–Pilgrimage photography from my trip to Ireland, England and France last year

–3-D niches—goddess altars—created by me and Jennybach.

You can see sections of six different pieces in the illustration.

The show will be up for about five weeks at The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, in Oakland. The opening is Friday June 17th, 6–8 pm.

Please come if you can, and invite your bay area friends.

Teaming up with Jenny to create the niches has been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve been doing collaborative altar pieces and ritual giveaways with Jenny for the last year, which led naturally into our teaming up for these pieces. In addition to the wonderful pieces we created (if I do say so myself!), I have grown in many ways as an artist as a gift of working with Jenny. I am now much more sure of myself, much much more willing to take risks and try things, and much much much more willing to just do.

In the past, I would have great ideas, and then I would quickly talk myself out of even trying (too hard! not good enough!).

Now, my biggest problem is choosing which great idea to act on next.

I have made a decision. I’m going to write a book (my first). One that might help others. I will begin in July. Now you know. And the telling of you will help me stay accountable.

I’ve learned better than to do anything this big and scary on my own. I’m taking steps to create a writer’s group, where I can meet regularly with others. A place where we can listen to each others’ ideas and works, critique and encourage and hold each other accountable. Yes!

Blessings to all. If this writing inspires just one artist to begin, my purpose is fulfilled.

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