Increase visibility — step out from behind your mask and be seen

One of the commitments I made in the journey of upleveling my brand was to increase my visibility, online and in person.

I don’t like to be out of my comfort zone, which is about a half an inch wide. — Larry David

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in many ways. I’m opening up to new ways to interacting — online and in person — that I haven’t done much with before. Mostly, to be honest, because scary. But I’ve learned, and been inspired into action by, the wisdom of others.

Increasing visibility in your business

First up is growing my local in-person presence.

I love hanging out at home, creating content, and connecting with friends and colleagues online. And yes, it feels safer than putting myself in front of a group. I’ve left my comfort zone behind and embraced something new, exciting, and a wee bit scary.

A man grows most tired while standing still.  — Chinese Proverb

I’m teaching a series of classes on Facebook Marketing for Small Business and Solopreneurs here in the East Bay.

This was easy to put together, and I think the easefulness is because I’m not doing this alone. I connected with a local marketing expert through a community group. We got together for tea and heartstorming, and decided to co-teach.

I do so well in partnership! I like collaboration. I just do — it’s refreshing and energizing and seems to bring out the best in me. When I’ve connected with a smart and inspiring gal like Lisa Cain, it feels like I’m having more fun than when I’m working alone. Well, maybe not more fun, let’s call it different fun. Variety rocks!

Facebook Marketing classesWe’re having three sessions. Come to any or all you need.

Join us for this hands-on series of workshops and bring your laptop so you leave with a whole new level of savvy and the ability to rock your Facebook marketing efforts like you never have before. Yes, you can make Facebook work for you and your business!

  • Facebook business pages, October 5th. Facebook business pages are the first step to growing your business with Facebook. They offer a great way to build your brand & audience through both the design and content you employ. Bring your questions and learn how to streamline the process and create the right mix of content for client engagement and profit while minimizing the overwhelm!
  • Facebook groups, October 19th. Creating and nurturing a Facebook group brings you a level of connection and exposure to your community that enhances the reach you have when you’re only working your Facebook business page. Grow a tribe of fans and create engagement (which becomes loyalty and referrals). Get your Facebook group questions answered so you can grow your reach, connect with your just-right clients and customers, and thrive.
  • Facebook ads and analytics, November 2nd. Data, data everywhere! Learn about your audience, size the market, target your ads in a way the folks on MadMen could only dream about…  We’ll walk through analytics and share wise ad creation and implementation tips so you can better target your ideal clients and spend your advertising dollars more efficiently. (Woohoo, I get to learn about this challenging-to-me-because-artist topic on my birthday!)

All classes take place in Oakland, 4–6:30 pm. If you’re in the East Bay, join us! Get your tickets here or by clicking on the photo above.

Video is another hugely popular way to increase visibility.

I’m sussing out the just-right video strategy for me (which means I’m looking at and working through my lingering reluctance to the medium). I’m a writer. And a reader (or a skimmer). Which creates sticking points when I’m consuming video as well as when I’m concepting and creating same.

Although video fits my online brand, and I’ll use it, I’m looking for the way to do so that fits with my nervous system and gives my readers and viewers the courtesy they deserve. Maybe I’ll provide transcripts, or at least written bullet points to accompany the video. But! If I’m waiting for a transcript, I will lose some immediacy and videos are good when they’re fresh.

Ack! Maybe you know the answer to this, or a good middle way. Please, feel free to talk with me in the comments about video creation for those who are still working through resistance to the artform.

It’s good to feel stupid sometimes and do things that are out of your comfort zone. — Mary-Louise Parker

I’m researching and lining up speaking engagements in my area, and after a few of those, I think my shyness (one of the issues that holds me back from videos) will be a thing of the past. I love stepping into my badass business priestess presenter self!

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I’m a barely tamed hippie, sage, seasoned, sarcastic (not all the time any more, but still). I’m a mom, a daughter, sister, a neighbor, and a friend. I’ve been on this meandering journey — like you, probably — seeking a better connection to and experience of peace, harmony, and fun in every bit of life. I’m single, quite good at it, and mostly love it. I’m here for the conversations I get to have with you, which these days center on exploring the mystery and beauty of life, work, health, aging, and creative expression. Want to know a little more about me and my journey? Explore the site. Read the blog. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Very good tips, Sue, and you are right, there are still people who could do better in business, but they are too scared to communicate. But the truth is that only together we can thrive! Grateful for this post!

  2. Sue, I am also camera-shy! I know video is the way to go these days…everyone likes instant gratification! Plus you can say more in a 5-minute video than in a 500 word blog post! A friend & colleague told me of a 30-day FB video challenge that allows you to get comfortable by posting only in the private group for the 30 days before you “go live” to the public. They teach you all the technical stuff too (I’m not good with that either). I will be following along to see how you evolve! 🙂

  3. I really relate to your shyness when it comes to doing video, Sue! I did say yes to Reba and will be doing a video interview with her after I get back from Sedona. I am so comfortable talking in front of people or on radio shows and yet this video thing… still is unnerving. What I love most is that you are stepping out into the ‘real’ world and connecting with people in a face-to-face conversation. Being in person with a group of people always trumps anything online for me as well. If I lived closer I would definitely come to your one or all of your sessions! What a perfect way to learn and then to talk with real people and start new relationships. Yes, to stepping out of our comfort zones and empowering our badass priestess, whether that is in business or in our personal lives. Rock it!

  4. This is the nicest, most enrolling and engaging notice for courses. It is authentically written — I can tell. If I lived nearby I’d come just to participate in your space. Your participants will learn and enjoy.

    • Roslyn, that is the nicest thing I could have read in response to my offer. I love and appreciate that you took the time to say this. Thank you.

  5. I can relate to the shyness on video, Sue, welcome to the club! I finally did step out of my comfort zone and create a few with me speaking live on the camera as part of Firepole’s Great Scavenger Marketing Challenge way back in 2014 and surprised myself by coming in 3rd considering I was learning on the challenge. It was a big stepping out of my comfort zone but the good news is that I’ve created many video tutorials since. both standalones and for my courses hosted on Teachable.

    It’s the first time that is scary but I’ve also discovered that your true audience loves the faults and glitches and they aren’t looking for more professionally created videos, just human to human contact.

    Bravo, Sue, keep moving forward in positive motion!

  6. What marvelous huge leaps you’re taking out of your comfort zone. I LOVE the new look of the website, in particular your lovely logo and the banner photo that seems to be all part of making you, authentically you, more visible. Good luck with it all!

    • Julia, thanks. I don’t know if you looked at any of the other pages and noticed that I have a different banner photo on each main page. That was a really important part of this rebrand for me, and you nailed the reason why!! Visibility, yo.

    • Guess what, Reba! I just did my first FB Live video. And am planning to do one each day this coming week. I am gonna get comfortable with this!

  7. Sue congrats- looks like we are both stepping up- Shyness is not a challenge I have, although i did go into hiding from being out there, more from the FUD factor and a pride issue i know know. That is all changing. I love facebook live and going to have a weekly Abundance Show With video just start- maybe in your group is a good place to practice Congrats and enjoy xx

    • Suzie, what’s the FUD factor? Oh I just looked it up: fear, uncertainty, doubt? Interesting. And happy to tell you that you come across as fearless and sure. So yay you!

      Yes, please do jump into the group and practice away!

    • Claudia, what wisdom can you share about arranging the in-person opportunities. Now that I’m in it, I’m soaking up the info like a sponge!

  8. Hi Sue, I relate to a lot of what you said! I love the comfort zone of the online persona. I am also stepping into a lot of collaborative relationships because I love them and they also help both people level up with more ease. I started doing youtube videos and facebook live–when I first started I was so stiff, but now I quite enjoy doing them. It’s very freeing and it allows you to be creative in the moment.

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