Depend upon your own inner compass

Do you depend on your thinking or on your own inner compass?

Your inner compass is resilient, always on, and available (if you just stop worrying so much!)

Are you stuck in your mind? You know, that fertile never-ending swampy garden sprouting hardy seeds of want, need, fear, and pain?

I’m learning a very important and elusive truth: want, need, fear, and pain are not the only placese humans are doomed to hang out. I’m learning the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought as developed by Sydney Banks and taught to me by some amazing teachers and writers (big thanks to Molly Gordon, Michael Neill, and Ken Manning and co-authors).

When you can loosen your death grip on your thinking about your circumstances, amazing things happen. When you can remember that your heart, and your soul, and your mind can all be clear and in balance at any time, no matter what, you can find contentment, happiness, and more in each moment, absolutely independent of circumstances.

My understanding of how the mind works, and of transformational technologies, keeps growing, shifting, changing. I gotta say that it’s also getting simplified! Seems much more direct and less complicated to honor the present moment in the present moment instead of spending a shit-ton of energy creating a better future. I am enjoying a better present and letting the future unfold as it will (oh, it will!).

Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts. — Sydney Banks

inner compass

Living from the inside out:

When you rely on your own inner guidance — your own unique inner compass — that unending yearning for circumstances to align in the way you think they must in order for you to be happy, fulfilled, and content not only lessens but begins to seem less important and compelling.

As you get used to living with more inner balance, and relying on your own baked-in guidance — your inner compass — those feelings that arise from your inner misbalance and cravings feel worse than ever. Your inner guidance does more than just guide you, it changes you. You’ll feel drawn to feeling good more often, and less inclined to dwell in drama, dissatisfaction, and despair (’cause they just feel crappy!).

The more you experience how good, easy, and spacious it feels to be guided by your inner compass, the faster you stop blaming anything outside yourself — circumstances — for your feelings.

Yup, you get to choose

When you know that the power to stay internally balanced is up to you, and you start to experience the lightness and freedom that comes from hanging out in that balance, you will find that you spend more time enjoying each moment and less time bent out of shape because of disappointing finances, health challenges, people doing what they do, and everything else life will offer us in any given moment.

Shit still happens. Life still happens. In all its crazy lunatic glory.

When you become aware of your thinking, and let go of some of the thinking about your thinking that’s guaranteed to add to your dis-ease in any moment, it becomes possible (where you might never have felt the possibility before) to be aware of those moments when your thoughts and feelings have gotten too loud, and you can remember to pause, take a break, chill out, and let go.

Personal snapshot:

Things are still to a large degree up in the air about my future housing. While I have a place to live for now, it’s still not the right situation financially for me; it’s not my forever home. So I am still looking, and exploring, and checking out options. But there’s a fundamental and liberating shift. I no longer worry about my present or my future, which still looks pretty murky, if I’m being honest. The good news is that I’m not tripping about it. I’m taking action, doing research, getting on waiting lists, and find myself enjoying my days more than ever.

I know this isn’t easy to grasp. At first. It gets easier! 

For me, I had to just start trying it out to feel it. If you’re a black-belt worrier like me, you probably can tap into fear much of the time. Mild, or moderate, or severe — one version or another is always just right there, isn’t it? I find even in this newly liberated state of grace that I regularly find myself stopping and thinking “I should really be worried about this!” (Pick a “this”: finances, health, business, relationships; I have plenty of freakout-worthy content available at all times, if I could just work up the enthusiasm to go there!) I can see that when I open the door to the worry, I stop being present and I can feel my level of consciousness drop right to the basement.

What brings that level of consciousness back up again, you ask?  It rises by itself, and all you have to do to get it unstuck again is to let go of the worry to free that mechanism back into motion. When you can drop out of your worried head, and down into your heart, your gut, and your soul — then you can return to that feeling of being connected to your inner compass, and sail into the next breath actually aware of the return of the smile to your face.

Another freeing piece: When you realize that your thinking is you own particular stew of thoughts, fears, and desires, you also being realize that everyone else’s thinking is their own.

This comes with some lovely freedoms:
• you find yourself more interested in what others have to say
• you listen more, and communicate better (because you’re making fewer assumptions)
• you are more open to hearing wisdom from others

This study of the 3 Principles is changing absolutely everything about my work. Including the way I coach. Want to know more? Let me know in a comment, and we’ll get you sorted. Or book a no-strings call with me by using this link to see if getting support to have more spaciousness and less stuckness going in your life, work, and creativity is right for you right now. Yes, you can have support navigating the white waters of your life, no matter how frothy and scary they may be.

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  1. Sue, my inner compass has never steered me wrong. It’s when I get in my head and don’t pay attention that things don’t go as smoothly as they could. Great post! 🙂

    • Debra, Thanks so much. Funny how many different kinds of ways I can find to pay attention. I’m trying to stick with the ones that feel neutral and positive. For the sake of myself and everyone else. ?

    • Andrea, I’m so much happier to be on this leg of my journey (feels much better than the one in which I was creating so much damage and pain!).

  2. Thank God for our Inner Compass, Sue. Something came to my attention last week that needs my attention and focus and the fear gremlins came out to play. I gave myself some private time and focused on connecting with my Higher Self through prayer, meditation and tapping and came up with a game plan that will work for me. Like your house situation, I’m not out of the woods yet but in a much better place and moving forward in positive motion. Thank you for a much needed inspiration this week!

  3. This is amazing I have been writing about this daily over the past few days in my journal and on my blog. My fractured knee was a big sign for me to stop and reflect as things were not moving as I thought they would. In the past week I have started following my own heart whispers and the messages that come from within. Turning my biz around and letting go of the shoulds and would. I gave myself all the wisdom I am now following almost 6 years ago and then I buried it. I am really excited for my life and doing what feels good and comes from my heart.

    I relate so closely to your story hugs xxx

  4. I can feel that excitement, Suzie, go you! Edited to add: You remind me of “dancing slowly to a fast dance,” a thing you probably need to be a blues dancer to understand. But it’s what came to mind when I thought about your healing. May you heal quickly, but slow enough to have it really heal well.

  5. So true! Following inner compass or guidance makes such a big difference! Great reminders and beautifully written!

  6. I often get stuck in my thoughts. Also, I am an empath who feels deeply and intuitively for others. It is a journey of turning that intuitive feeling/being for others into feeling/being for myself..When that pesky fear shows up it, it throws me off balance at times. I am much better than I used to be. Thanks for your reminder. Great piece Sue!

  7. There’s nothing I trust more than my inner compass, but it hasn’t always been that way. I had to wrestle the thinking mind who, in a fit of ego, thought itself much more superior to the heart. Now the mind knows its place! Great piece, Sue. Thanks for sharing.

    • I love that image, or wrestling the thinking mind. Or in my case, thanking it for sharing and choosing to think something else. Now that’s the way to win a wrestling match! 🙂

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