Aquarius: innovation and exaltation

I am feeling a big opening and invitation right now

An easing of tension, a freeing of constraint

Maybe it’s because I’m starting to feel better, after six weeks of coughing, and fevers, and the effects of two rounds of antibiotics. And better in my body, now that nearly three weeks have passed since the car accident. And maybe it’s an opening in the energy in more than just me and my body. The upcoming astrological shifts are inviting innovation and exaltation in some very lovely ways.

I think this invitation is an opening for you as a person, for you in your business, for you in your community, for you in the collective, and for us all. And isn’t that lovely!

Aquarius — innovation and exaltation

New Moon in Aquarius

Tuesday, January 20th
0º09′ Aquarius
5:14 am Pacific
8:14 am Eastern

Sun enters Aquarius

Tuesday, January 20th
1:44 am Pacific
4:44 am Eastern

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

Wednesday, January 21st
Wednesday, February 11th

An innovative New Moon and an exalted Mercury retrograde

The Aquarius New Moon — Innovation

Another zero degree New Moon, this one is barely in Aquarius, only a quarter-hour out of Capricorn. (We also will have rare second Aquarius New Moon on February 18th, the Lunar New Year, more on that soon.) Each of these Aquarius New Moons will have its own flavor, though, enhanced by the sign it’s so close by. This week, Capricorn’s energy will play its part, adding determination and skillfulness to the innovation and inspiration that Aquarius brings. For this New Moon, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in Aquarius — it’s an innovation party! Expecting the unexpected can be helpful, especially with the Mercury Rx (retrograde) beginning the next day.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius — Exaltation

More good news. No, really, I mean it! Okay, okay, calm down. It’s just not true that every Mercury retrograde is the time to crawl into bed with chocolates and Netflix on your iPad (or whatever your safe nest looks like) and wait for it to be over. Yes, it’s good to be a little extra mindful, careful, and prudent during a Mercury Rx (especially at the very beginning and end). It’s also good to allow for a little more time to get things done and to get to your destination.

But relax! This time, the whole retrograde dance takes place in Aquarius, and Mercury is exalted in this sign — comfortable and functioning beautifully. Expect things to go well. Intend the awesome, know you’re going to bring the awesome with everything you do, and enjoy it!

avocadosI also feel this energy all around me, I can feel the season begin to shift

I love being a wheel-of-the-year, season-minded woman

When I lived in New York, this time of year was frigid, and icy, and slushy, and hard to endure. Even in the insane cold, I was attuned to the slightest swelling of the buds on bare branches. I would watch for, and celebrate, the first tiny tip of green to appear in the cracks in the sidewalk. Harbingers of magnolias, snowdrops and daffodils on their way.

magnoliasAnd now here I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the magnolias are blooming everywhere around me. And the first local avocados of the year were at the farmers market yesterday. Barely bigger than an egg, but woot! I expect the first asparagus in a week or two.

What changes are you noticing around you where you are? What shifts do you feel in the season? How will you embrace innovation and exaltation as the Aquarius energy opens for you? I’d love to know what you’re thinking…. please talk to me in the comments!

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  1. So I have just worked out if is 11.14 pm for me on Tuesday for the new moon. This is high summer for us and maybe hotter then it has been for quite a while. Oh to live somewhere again where one has 4 seasons in a year- then i would miss the beach. I am going to meditate on changes and the changes i will make in 2015, time for a vision board I just heard- The shift right now for me is about completion, after the move things got out of sync. Thanks for sharing , love avos and asparagus and have both here now
    love and blessing Suzie xx

    • Suzie, I’m still learning to thrive where I’m planted. I can feel your love from the beach every time you post a shore photo.

      I’ve been in California for 20+ years now, and I’m still getting used to the seasons here. I miss fall foliage, and summer thunderstorms, but I love love love (nearly) year-round avocados and the other bounty of living here.

      Thrive, sister!

  2. “Exalted Mercury retrograde” — what a lovely confluence of words, and so unexpected! Nice to hear it’ll be an easier-than-usual stretch.

    California dreaming here through some icy upstate NY winter days. Grateful to be safe and warm at home, and looking forward to a week in Florida very soon…

    Wonderful post, Sue, thanks for sharing your wisdom and heart.

    • Sharon, thanks. I know. I love letting go of the idea that a Merc Rx has to be tough. Helps to embrace the lessons learned as life lessons. I mean…. I don’t wait for the retrograde time to back up my computer. I allow more time than I think I need to get something done all the time.

      Learn it in a Merc Rx, practice it all year ’round. Now there’s a life lesson!


  3. I too am feeling a change in the air it is exciting!I am noticing a time of expansion and growth with all my dealings in business and in my personal life. It is ALL good. Thanks for your wisdom!

    • Lisa, thanks. It does feel like a breath of fresh air to me, and I know I can certainly use some of that!


  4. Cool! I had no idea that “Exalted Mercury Retrograde” was even a thing! How delightful! !! Thank you so much for sharing that with me, you have just officially changed my outlook! I have also been feeling lighter, more open, and free-er lately (and yes, I too was sick over the holidays – but I think its more that that!)! Thank you for giving me your delightful perspective on that! Loved reading this post!

    • Brandy, thanks so much for your comment.

      May you continue to be refreshed and opened to delight and goodness.

      Love and light,

  5. Sue, I love your explanations here in such clear, graceful writing. The way you explain this Mercury Retrograde is inspiring. I am definitely feeling shifts in my willingness to innovate in a big project I am creating. You affirm this!

    • Chara, thank you! I’m feeling very self-conscious about my writing skills these days, so am double grateful for your words.

      Go you on your big innovative project!

      Love and more love,

  6. Down here at the other end of the world, we’re just coming out of the heat of midsummer and feeling the odd night that gets very slightly cooler (which is actually a relief after the mugginess of the past couple of weeks)

    Auckland’s an interesting place to live seasonally… we have a joke that not only do we have four seasons in one day, we sometimes have them in a single hour. Sometimes the warmest winter days are much warmer than the coldest summer ones… and yet, we still definitely have seasons, and I love watching them change around me 🙂



    • Tanja, Seasons are changing here as well — the very definition of seasonality is changing for me. And yet, the magnolias are blooming, and the light lasts a little longer every day.

      It’s a mystery. And I embrace the change, even if the changes are changing.


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