Inspiration roundup in the middle of the move

45 boxes packed, 45 or so to go

I’m keeping (relatively) sane and here are some of the sources of inspiration, peace, patience, and laughter that are sustaining me.

I need many inspiration breaks. This shit is hard!

Surrounded by boxes

Here are five must-read teachers and bloggers who help me reboot my perspective.

Lucinda Williams quote

I wanted to find more stuff for you, that will make you laugh and fill you with joy.

Instead, since I gotta go pack some more, I’ll leave you with what I’ve collected here.

Seth Godin quote

I invite you to add quotes, and links, and whatever you’ve got in the comments.

Share what inspires you or makes you laugh — as you go through your own painful and challenging and just-plain-hard changes.

I’ll see you on the other side! xoxox

Helen Keller quote

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Inspiration roundup


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  1. I’m glad you’ve found things to motivate you. All the times I’ve moved, I’ve never had a problem with it, because the move was my decision. It wasn’t forced on me. So I’ve just used a week or two and packed everything up that should come with me and thrown away the rest.

  2. Sending you lots of motivational energy to support you at the half way point. I love that quote from Lucinda Williams and have pinned it for myself ;).Many Blessings to you during this transition Sue.xx

  3. Sue, this is wonderful to read and I’m honored to be in that list. Love all of those quotes too! You are doing something really brave and amazing — albeit not totally by choice — and are rising to all that it evokes in you so mindfully and soulfully. It may not feel like it, but you are exemplifying grace under pressure, and we’re all benefitting from it. xoxoxo

    • Sharon, thank you. You’re right — it doesn’t always feel like grace, but sometimes I can feel it. Thanks for holding that loving mirror.


  4. Sue, I just moved this past weekend, so I know what you are feeling! I let go of a lot of things that no longer served me. I can not throw things away if they can be used by another, so I gifted kitchen ware to friends & family, clothes & furniture to charity and feel better & lighter. Schedule a massage (and a manicure) for when you are done the unpacking!

    • Tae, welcome, I’m so glad to connect with you, and love the work you’re doing in the world.

      I’m not actually going to wait to be unpacked before my next pedi; my exquisite self-care is on schedule. Massage too!

      Love and light,

    • Jodi, you are quite welcome, inspiring one.

      Keeping that love, and sending it right back at you. I love how that works.


  5. Hiring someone to do the heavy lifting helped me to move from one storage unit to another. In the process of that move, I learned that I could rent an art space which would further my interests in having a studio away from home and a place to keep art supplies, which seem to take up the most space anyway. This includes Art Books. I recall that Ask and It is Given is one of the most valuable items on the bookshelf. It’s something like applying Reiki to your art making.

    • Suzanne, welcome here! So glad you stopped by.

      I especially love this part of your comment — applying Reiki to art making. Lovely.

      Blessed be.

    • Marquita, yes, I’m suprisingly calm. Or am I numb? I hope it’s calm. Many of the big questions have been answered, and now it’s just six more days to move date.

      Then 49+?? boxes to unpack.

      Love and light,

  6. Dear Sue,

    Here’s an old fashioned thought from my dear Mom, ‘You are one tough cookie’.

    Why do I reference her comment? B/c you diligently keep on keeping on, and modeling for your community what that looks like, feels like. And there you sit on the stage of your current drama with the backdrop full and full of boxes and counting.

    I bow to thee, dear tough cookie. Appreciation for your commitment to the journey.

    So much love to you


    • Diane, wow. Thanks so much for the love, comes at just the right time. My walls are almost bare here; will be completely bare by end of today. It’s an unsettled time.

      I keep breathing. And I feel so supported as I go. I am so grateful for this comment of yours.

      Love and magic,

  7. I love being a part of your journey Sue, reading your inspirational words as you move through the myriad of emotions, and feeling your strength as you push through each barrier in turn. I’m positive that at the end of this journey you will find that much love, joy and blessings await you xx

    • Heather, thank you! I may not be pushing through barriers, feels more like coming up on them one after another; getting quite intimate with them (I call this the agony phase); then going through a process something like this:

      • First I stress and worry.
      • Then I identify the stressor, explore it, pray about it, release the need to be right. This phase may go on for a while and often contains moments of agony as well — the amount of which directly corresponds to my resistance and investment in things Going.My.Way. Maybe you’re familiar with this syndrome?
      • I eventually — thank you Goddess! — surrender and when I do I find the barrier has softened or melted or disappeared so I can go through.

      Blessed be!

  8. Just moved a couple of months ago and still unpacking. I feel your pain! In fact, I dedicated one of my blogs to this subject: if you want to check it out to see if there’s something you can use. I just love this quote by Ralph Marson: “Your destiny is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something.”

    • Julie, your blogpost is a great resource; thanks for sharing it. And thanks for the Marson quote. Exactly. Not so easy in the middle of upheaval, but every second I can focus on the good is so healing!

      Blessed be,

  9. Good luck for the rest of your packing and the actual move! Such a lot to do and if you are buying or selling if both it adds a lot more stress into the mix too. I’m just selling my house and it all fell through once already so keeping calm and carrying on with a new buyer! Love and light Jennifer xx

    • Jennifer, I’m a renter, which brings its own set of challenges and circumstances. Good luck with the new buyer.


  10. The unpacking always seems to be much faster than the packing, maybe it’s the excitement of the new location and wanting to move on with life. Just 3 days to go now. just love that pic of you amidst the boxes.
    this has been a huge shift in so many ways for you Sue
    love and hugs
    Suzie xxoo

    • Suzie, I fervently hope the unpacking goes faster. Packed box #53 last night, and not yet done. Gulp.

      Love right back to you.

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