Inspiration roundup

Under this bright Taurus Full Moon, I’m moved to share some inspiration with you.

A quote, an image, and a question. Times three.

I’d love to read your answers to the suggestions and questions in the comments below.

#1. How do you show up for your interactions?

"Great work comes out of interactions with the people you see to change."

“Great work doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes out of interactions with the people you seek to change.”Seth Godin

Try this: For the next 24 hours, set your internal mindfulness meter. When you’re out doing errands, waiting on line at the checkout, driving around town, dealing with interruptions, how are you showing up? What do you notice? What have you done — what can you do — to narrow the gap between the way you show up in your life and the way you show up for your clients and prospects?

#2. What’s not getting done? What are you telling yourself is just not possible?

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible.'!"

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” — Audrey Hepburn

Try this: That thing you’ve been thinking about/dreaming about/trying to do but it seems too big/too hard/too out of reach? Take a step, one more step than you thought you could, in its direction today. What opens for you when you think of this? What opens for you when you try?

#3: Are you feeling tender, embarrassed, ashamed, of decisions you’ve made and risks you’ve taken that haven’t panned out?

" might as well laugh about it now."

“If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now.” — Marie Osmond

Try this: Whatever that thing is, right now, that you wish you had done differently, the one you’re embarrassed about, share it with a friend, or post it here in the comments, and ask to be helped to see the humor in it. Betcha you’ll be smiling before you’ve finished asking the question. I know I am just thinking about it.

So, love, what inspiration landed for you? Please let me know; write a comment.

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  1. “What’s not getting done?” brought a smile. I spent the weekend working with a top notch cover designer. Sometimes I need to be reminded I don’t have to do everything by myself. Thanks for helping me appreciate some significant progress.

    • Me too, Andrea! I love that you can ground in appreciation for all the stuff you’re doing and the gifts you bring.

      Love and light,

  2. Sue, # 2 for me! I am striking out in new territory & it is scary & difficult & frustrating. But I’m taking baby steps! Thank you.

  3. I show up as me, no matter what I do. I took one step closer yesterday, when I showed my art to a local restaurant owner. I’m pretty much an open book, so I don’t hang onto things for long.

  4. Really like these questions, Sue, especially: “How do you show up for your interactions?”

    Often I find myself being so mindful when working with clients…and then “acting out” in my own life.

    The biggest, most common examples are when I’m driving and someone tries to push into my lane (happens quite often, in my 2-door Mini)…and when someone pushes me out of the way at the Whole Foods…or nearly runs me over in the WF crosswalk. I react with lots of anger–and I mean lots. When I bring mindful investigation to it, I see that anger and reaction is totally entangled in my not wanting to be here–in Florida, specifically. And my loss of having a Home I loved.

    • Dana, I had that going too — letting my mindful behaviors slip when I was out of work mode. Driving is such a good example of that! Someone once said to me “Imagine that person you’re flipping off is your next client.” Yup, helps a ton.

      Blessings and love,

  5. Thanks for this article Sue! #1 is really where I need to focus my attention at the moment – great reminder to be present!
    thank you : )

    • Lisa, welcome here. I’m so glad we’ve connected. Yeah, it’s no accident that #1 was #1 in my thoughts, that’s for sure.

      So much room for improvement!


  6. I love the format of this article, and I appreciate the Seth Godin quote a lot. I have been thinking a bit lately about the importance of interacting with my people in order to be able to serve them better.

    • Heather, welcome here. I was doing some work on my blog the other day and I noticed that Seth Godin gets quoted a fair amount. He’s amazing. I even have a “What Would Seth Godin Do?” plugin!


    • Kemya, welcome, I’m so glad we’ve connected.

      Good reminder — the progress-not-perfection state of mind. Thanks!

      Love and light,

  7. Hi Sue, I love these 3 inspirations. #1 – interactions with other people is an important one for me right now. I’m very introverted and tend to blend into the background when with others. I’ve been working at being more outgoing and trying to initiate conversations more and in a short time this is having an effect on how my days go. I definitely feel more connected and less anxious around people.

    • Dave, interactions with others continues to be on my mind. Thanks for sharing your progress with this — inspiring!

      I’m working on getting the face-to-face interactions to be as easeful as my online interactions; I have a way to go to get there!


  8. #1. I spend so much time alone in the woods that being out among people is time to run into people I know who haven’t seen me in a year. Maine is a small town, and the places I go are where my people hang out.
    #2. Yes. There is a lot not getting done. A lot is getting done. There is too much to do, work and life. Every idea is a boatload of work. I want to stop having ideas.
    #3. Chances are this one relates a lot to #2. As I am clearing and moving stuff around I am clearing the detritus of many embarrassing and really bad decisions. Not to mention coming across lots of horrible photographs: some of me and how I looked, which is a reflection of how I felt about myself, and some very bad photos I took, almost as awful!

    • Carla, welcome, lovely to see you here.

      I feel you around #2, sister. And I think #3 is big magic healing. Helps me balance the many opportunities for embarrassment.

      Love and light,

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